A warm foot bath against stress

A warm foot bath against stress

A warm foot bath can significantly reduce stress and feelings of stress, while helping to relax quickly and easily. It also counteracts annoying cold feet, colds and rheumatic complaints. By the way, the health-promoting and stress-reducing effects of a well-executed foot bath have been clearly proven scientifically and are therefore undisputed.

Maybe you know the feeling: The long, hard working day is hectic and stressful, rest and relaxation are not in sight and the well-deserved end of the day even less. But even in this situation you can create short moments of relaxation at work. Then a short, relaxing footbath is just the thing to pause for a moment and relax. With the right bath additives, the pleasantly warm water can have a very effective and pleasant effect against tension, overstimulation and exhaustion and significantly reduce the inner restlessness caused by stress. During a relaxing foot bath, the legs should ideally be immersed in the warm water up to about the middle of the calves. Body-warm water is ideal, but if you prefer it a little warmer, there is absolutely nothing medically wrong with it, as long as the water is not too hot, of course. Even in the office you can quickly hold such a foot bath. In principle, you only need access to warm water, a small tub (a plastic box from the hardware store will do in a pinch) and a towel. You can even do this version of the footbath under your desk. Your knees and the tub of the bath should be covered with a towel, so that the rising warmth can work well. Ideally, you should also get some relaxing bath additives. A tip: even ordinary lemon juice (preferably from an organic lemon) has a relaxing effect as a bath additive. Lavender also has a very relaxing effect, rosemary can provide an energy kick due to its circulatory stimulating effect.

You can also perform the footbath as a so-called “rising footbath”, in which you fill up hot water about every two minutes and thus continuously increase the temperature. This has a particularly soothing and relaxing effect. However, the maximum temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Of course, you should not disturb anyone in the office with your foot bath. If in doubt, discuss your plan to celebrate a footbath with your colleagues and your boss beforehand. If you then combine the footbath with a cup of tea and calm down for a few minutes, nothing will stand in the way of relaxation and energetic work until the end of the day. By the way: In the summer, you can put your feet in cold water in a hot office without air conditioning, which also has a relaxing effect.