Beet soup with green spelt and sweet potatoes

Beet soup with green spelt and sweet potatoes

Green spelt, sweet potatoes and beet have a high concentration of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and invigorating nutrients that bind free radicals, dampen the body’s own inflammatory processes, have a cell-protective effect and stimulate blood formation. The human organism reacts to the supply of the valuable bioactive substances from green spelt, beet and sweet potatoes with improved immune activity, increased physical performance, increased resistance to stress and optimized nutrient and oxygen exchange between the individual body cells. At the same time, the foods have a relatively good carbon footprint and a relatively small ecological footprint for global climate protection.

Vitalizing ingredients that resist stress…

Sweet potatoes have an above-average content of potassium. The mineral is considered a highly potent ” stress killer” that refuels, stabilizes and sustainably balances the body’s own energy, fluid and electrolyte stores in a harmonious manner, enabling the body to better cope with stress or raising individual stress resistance to a new level. In addition, the vegetable is a natural supplier of anti-inflammatory antioxidants such as carotenoids and anthocyanins, which neutralize oxidative stress and slow down the natural aging process.

Beet also serves as a rich source of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Accordingly, the vegetable is bursting with secondary plant compounds such as betaine, phenolic acid, saponins and flavonoids, which have been proven to fight inflammatory reactions in the human organism. The nitrate contained in the vegetable dilates human blood vessels, which decreases the natural oxygen demand of muscle cells associated with physical exertion. The body responds by maximizing physical performance.

Green spelt is considered an effective “nerve food” and a secret weapon against concentration problems and forgetfulness. Thanks to the above-average concentration of B vitamins, which experts classify as “energy nutrients”, as well as the minerals phosphorus and magnesium, the grain reliably stabilizes the nervous system and promotes optimal stress management.

A recipe based on sweet potatoes, green spelt and beetroot lowers the body’s stress level, pushes the body’s defenses, strengthens the nerves, sharpens concentration and ideally supports the body in dealing with stressful situations.


500 g sweet potatoes

200 g beet

2 red onions

20 g turmeric

700 ml vegetable broth

1 tablespoon black pepper

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp coconut oil

½ tsp salt

1 clove of garlic

100 g creme fraiche

100 g green spelt


Boil green spelt with double the amount of liquid for about 10 minutes at high heat. Let simmer for 30 minutes at medium temperature.

Wash, peel and cut vegetables into small pieces. Heat olive and coconut oil, add onions, garlic and turmeric and sauté for 2 minutes over medium heat. Add sweet potato and beet pieces and sauté. Add broth and simmer for about 25 minutes over moderate heat. Season and blend with a hand blender until creamy, add creme fraiche or green spelt.