Celebrate your achievements

female celebrates achievments

Your first intention when hearing the prompt “Celebrate your successes” may be to ask, “Doesn’t this reek of self-praise?”

Don’t worry: it doesn’t at all.

And yet, a great many people among us have a problem communicating their own positive accomplishments, results and successes to others in verbal form.

But why? It’s perfectly okay to be proud of your own successes and to stand by them publicly. This will help you remember your successes, which in turn will reduce your stress. However, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

  1. only praise yourself when you have really done something great. If this is not the case, you will certainly look very strange to other people. And you will eventually think: Oh man, what a bigot I was and experience frustration instead of satisfaction.
  2. if you praise yourself for something you have achieved together with others, then you must include them. Anything else would be unfair and would only burden you, at least later.
  3. have a good sense for great achievements of others and express this with an honest praise. This will also inspire you internally. It has something to do with the fact that giving someone a gift can make you happier than giving yourself something.
  4. authentic and euphoric self-praise is good when appropriate. Do one bounce after another when you’ve completed your education or passed your bachelor’s or master’s degree. Have a big grin on your face when you have fixed something although everyone said: “you have two left hands”. This is good for you and goes down better with others than false modesty.
  5. always register how your environment reacts when you praise yourself. You may have to change the way you praise yourself. Use this opportunity as an input, not a shortcoming.
  6. self-praise can promote constructive exchange of opinions including evaluation of criticism. Prerequisite: You and all involved are open and honest.
  7. be positively prepared for skeptics means for you: you have a healthy self-confidence and do not shy away from the conversation. You can be proud of this.

In connection with the points that explain when self-praise is perfectly okay, the first aspects of the question “why is self-praise right/important” were also expressed.

To the question why also belongs that others, also your past vocational and/or private surrounding field, can learn from you. After all, sincere joy is very contagious. You yourself can notice that you become more independent. More independent from the praise of other people. You will miss the praise of others much less to be satisfied with yourself and your performance.