Clean your room

Clean your room

Your home – more than a place to sleep

Feeling grouchy and in a bad mood? Then it might help to take a close look at your own four walls, tidy them up and clean them thoroughly.
It sounds banal, but the condition of your own home has a considerable influence on your mood. A clean, tidy room is a feel-good factor that should not be underestimated and avoids unnecessary stress.

Before the general cleaning is the thorough tidying. Just moving things from A to B may clear the way for vacuum cleaners and cleaning rags for the moment, but it doesn’t really help in the long run. If nothing is left standing around in the way, it saves time and nerves both now and in the future.

The top priority when cleaning is to use multiple rags, otherwise dirt and germs will be carried from room to room. It is best to use different colored cloths for each room. You will also need a mop bucket, a powerful vacuum cleaner, scrubbing brush, broom and dustpan.

It does not always have to be worked with the chemical club. A vinegar or lemon cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner, scouring milk and a toilet cleaner are sufficient for a normally soiled apartment. Hygiene cleaners for bathrooms or kitchens should only be used minimally or for short periods of time. They can become very aggressive to health and the environment and possibly breed resistant germs.

Start when cleaning is always in the upper department, that is: always work from the top down. Start with the lamps and move on to the shelves, cabinets, windowsills and tables. Then vacuum the floors, carpets, and upholstered furniture so that no new dust is kicked up.
Tiles, laminate or wooden floors are lightly damp mopped and then dry mopped again. A special technique is the “figure-of-eight” technique. You wipe the floor in figure-of-eight movements with a mop or floor cloth. In this way, the dirt cannot be pushed back and forth and you have everything well under control.

It is best to remove dust from wooden furniture once or twice a week. But don’t use a microfiber cloth, which can leave fine scratches.

There are a number of myths surrounding window cleaning. Newspaper is said to polish particularly well. Unfortunately, the printer’s ink spreads over the frame and leaves black streaks. Warm water, cloth, window wiper and vinegar cleaner used and wipe from top to bottom and then thoroughly dry rub prevent streaks and leave crystal clear windows. It is important that you never tackle the windows in direct sunlight.

When cleaning the bathroom and toilet, never skimp on water. Plenty of warm water dissolves both soap residue and bacteria. The used cleaning cloths must be replaced regularly.