Complain less

Complain less

Don’t give frustration power over you

The job sucks? The money is not enough and the everyday life has been more varied at some point? At the moment it seems as if the whole world has conspired against you and that everything is going wrong that can only go wrong. In such a situation, you, like many others, verbally vent.

Some people feel better if you have only once really ranted and thus have given the frustration an outlet. Others againrum and perhaps you count to this group, leave hardly an opportunity out, in order to complain about the actual condition. Of course also with the hope that one feels thereby sometime better or at least somewhat relieved. But instead of the hoped-for improvement, the exact opposite usually occurs. Because who complains constantly remains in a negative thought pattern. That means you put all your focus, your attention and your energy on the things that are currently not going so well. However, and this is the crux, you remain in passivity.

Change the point of view

If you, like you, are stuck in a hole and can’t seem to find a way out, the first thing to do is to change your perspective. Sure, sometimes life is more downhill than uphill, but burying your head in the sand and complaining about the situation is not the way to get better.

The first step to fight this negative stress is to try to direct your energy and your perspective to the things that are positive. At the beginning it may be difficult to find the little bright spots that brighten up your day every now and then. But the more often and longer you look for positive things in your life, the easier you will find them with time. Because often there are many small moments, such as the wheelchair user, who you brought a smile to her face because you held the door open for her.

Don’t forget your successes

Even if things are not going well for you at the moment, never lose sight of what you have already achieved in your life. If this point is difficult for you, then you should consider writing down exactly these things on many individual pieces of paper, which you might keep in a nice jar or a pretty box. Whenever you feel small, then you take the container with your notes, make it really nice for yourself. Maybe you light a candle, drink a glass of your favorite wine, put on some nice music and then look at your own personal milestones.

You will see that this positive ritual will do much more than staying in frustration!