Create a network of friends and family for stress support

Support from friends

When you’re busy at work, it makes sense to build a strong network of friends and family. Building a network can happen in a number of ways. Stress can easily happen in everyday life. For example, there may be a lot of work at work, a home renovation may be needed, or the kids may be having problems at school or with friends. That’s when it’s always good to have a trusted person to talk to about current problems. A chat over a cup of coffee or tea with a piece of cake is always good to relieve stress and gather strength for everyday life. Most of the time, the friend has a nice story to tell, which then distracts you from everyday life.

Alternative number one is the telephone network. Here, you should have all your numbers either stored in your phone, have your cell phone filled with phone contacts, or maybe have a small phone notebook in your purse with your most important numbers. Most of the time, however, you generally already have your contact network stored in your cell phone.

A second alternative is the Internet. Many people have saved their most important contacts on Facebook. Via Messenger or WhatsApp, you can quickly reach all your acquaintances and write a message, make a phone call or chat in case of stress or boredom.

A network consists of personal contacts, of course. So it is often the case that a birthday invitation or a garden party can do a lot to maintain contacts. Those who entertain others well can rely on a solid network of friends and family. In stressful times, you can then simply call your friend to see if she can watch the kids or keep you company for an hour when things are busy at home.

It’s important to have friends and family on your side, because if there are arguments or disagreements among your friends or family, it only saps your energy unnecessarily. It is best to support the harmony directly and to show the friends and relatives something from his life again and again. This can be done at celebrations, with a photo documentation on Facebook or with personal gifts.