Damiana against stress

damiana flower

You suffer from permanent stress and are not a friend of conventional medicine? Then perhaps the herb Damiana can help you. We show you everything you need to know about this medicinal plant.

Where does Damiana come from?

Damiana is relatively unknown in Western Europe. The medicinal plant comes from Central and South America. The area of application is large. Whether for depressive moods, a libido disorder or anxiety, Damiana helps with numerous mental illnesses.

Common diseases like “burn-out” are becoming more and more frequent. The stress-related depression can be treated with Damiana. The plant is also known as “Turnera diffusa”. Its effects are diverse and cover a wide range of applications.

Can damiana be used as a medicinal herb?

European naturopathy has only recently become aware of the medicinal herb. The medicinal herb contains numerous, effective ingredients. Especially for minor ailments, the herb can be ideally used.

Many European physicians and botanists knew little about the medicinal herb for a long time. Even after Columbus, no records were found.
Long before the Europeans, accents and Mayans have used the herb. The leaves but also flowers of Turnera diffusa, were used primarily as an aphrodisiac and anti-stress agent. The Spanish missonar Salvatierra was one of the first to become aware of the herb.

Until the late 19th century, damiana was used in the U.S. as a male tonic. That remedy was sold as a sleeping tincture, potency remedy, remedy for nightmares, paralysis and as a universal remedy, among others.

Effect and use of damiana against stress

Ingredients and effect

The medicinal herb is already well studied today. Nevertheless, there is a lack of meaningful studies at times. All ingredients are considered by medical experts to be of very high quality. That is due to the essential oils. In addition to essential oils, the plant also contains high-quality bitter substances, tannins and flavonoids. Other substances, such as sitosterol or arbutin are also part of the medicinal herb.

All the above mentioned substances have the following positive effects on the organism:

  • stress-reducing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anxiety-relieving (less anxiety, causes less stress)
  • stimulating
  • blood pressure lowering
  • brightening
Damiana powder
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What is damiana used for?

Damiana is used in Europe primarily as a medicinal herb against stress or for sexual disorders. Its effectiveness has been extensively studied and confirmed for both applications.

However, the science as an anti-stress and anti-anxiety agent, has not yet been completed and can therefore not be definitively confirmed.
The ingredient arbutin is said to have a positive effect on stomach ulcers. The antioxidant properties protect your stomach lining. Those who suffer from reflux and gastritis also benefit from the medication.

That is also due to the mucolytic effect of arbutin. Too much mucus increases the production of acid and can cause numerous inflammations.

How is damiana taken?

Damiana is usually administered as follows:

  • as tincture
  • globules
  • tea infusion
  • alcoholic extract
  • smoking

How is the tea prepared?

Damiana is most often prepared as a tea. Damiana tea is also known as anti-stress tea. In order for the tea to be effective against stress, it is ideally prepared in the evening. Those who suffer from libido disorder can drink the tea up to three times a day. The correct dose is about 2 grams of dried leaves per cup of tea. That is about 1 teaspoon of tea extract to 200 milliliters of water. In order for the ingredients to work well, the tea should steep for eight to ten minutes.

Those who love the taste of figs will like the tea. Indeed, the taste of tea resembles a sweet fig.

Damiana for smoking

Damiana can also be smoked. Smoking the herb brings a slightly euphoric and relaxing effect. If you mix damiana with helmet herb, smoking is said to have a particularly stress-reducing effect.

Are there critical voices?

Arbutin is contained in the medicinal herb. Arbutin is highly controversial. High doses of the ingredient can allegedly cause damage to the liver. In addition, arbutin can be carcinogenic if taken continuously and in high doses. However, it is mostly skin care products that contain the substance.
New studies, on the other hand, show that arbutin has an antixoditative effect and can even eliminate liver cell damage.

Are there any side effects when taking it?

Damiana should never be taken before and after surgery. It has negative effects on blood sugar levels. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also not consume the herb.

If the medicinal plant is taken for a long time, it may occasionally cause abdominal pain. Damiana should therefore be considered only as a short-term solution to stress.
Where can I buy Damiana and what should I pay attention to?

The medicinal herb is becoming increasingly well known. Damiana against stress and as a relaxant, is sold in many herbal stores and online stores.

Damiana can also be purchased in its fresh state. In any case, you should then pay attention to the botanical name. There are also other forms of Turnera. Only the “Turnera Diffusa” is used against stress. Damiana seeds are also available. However, seed cultivation is less suitable for beginners.

Fresh plants are much easier to handle in terms of care. Those who want to prepare tea or incense products with the medicinal herb, must resort to the dried herb. Damiana herb is still relatively new on the market. In any case, pay attention to the price. You should not spend more than 10 euros per 100 grams. Ideally, the herb comes from South America.

If you want to use the herb also for sleep disorders, menstrual cramps or impotence, then you can take globules. The potencies used here are D4 and D12.

Conclusion: Damiana against stress should be consumed primarily in the form of tea. If you prepare a cup of tea in the evening, you will be surprised by the positive and calming effect. In any case, pay attention to good quality. Ideally, the medicinal herb should come from South America. Also, you should not spend more than 10 euros per 100 grams. If you mix damiana with helmet herb and smoke it, it is supposed to work especially well against stress. Caution: Damiana is not suitable for long-term use. If taken for a long time, the blood sugar level can be negatively affected. Abdominal pain is also a consequence.