Dancing for stress management

Dancing for stress management

Even if many people don’t believe it, dancing can also help reduce stress. Not only experience, but also numerous studies prove how much dancing can help you reduce stress. You don’t even need a lot of time for it and of course you can do it secretly in a private corner. Below you will find some information about dancing in connection with stress reduction.

Scientifically proven: Dancing helps to cope with stress

The body of both partners in tango releases the sex hormone testosterone, while the stress hormone cortisol decreases. Colombian psychologist Cynthia Quiroga Murcia found this out as part of her doctoral research.
Saliva samples were taken from 22 couples before and after dancing and the respective hormone concentration was measured. In addition, the dancers were asked to give an emotional assessment of their feelings while dancing. The factors music and dance were examined separately and in different combinations in order to be able to assign the positive effects of dancing to the associated factor.
This result confirmed the assumption. A reduction of the stress hormone cortisol occurs predominantly through the music, while the hormone testosterone is based on the contact and movements in the dance with a dance partner. However, dancing alone helps just as much in reducing stress. Dancing tango is also used in couples therapy to minimize tension between the two partners and create a stronger bond between them. So possibly you too can get your benefits from dancing.

Dance all by yourself!

Dancing will help you tremendously with your stress management. If you are still not convinced, here are some more arguments for you.

Dancing means movement for you. If you move often, it will keep you fit. The dancing kind of movement is also fun.

Dancing gives you a much clearer head. It calms down your flow of thoughts and makes you forget about hectic working days.

It challenges and enhances your motor skills and coordination. Both your sense of balance and posture are improved.

Learning steps and sequences of steps while dancing requires concentration and practice. So it also requires mental work, which trains your grey cells!

Your cardiovascular system is also supported by dancing. In the end, regular dancing also strengthens your immune system.

Dancing also boosts your fat burning. You burn about 350 to 400 calories when you dance for an hour! Of course, it also depends on the dance. For example, chopping wood burns the same amount of calories.