Delicious vegetable soup

Delicious vegetable soup

Prepare yourself a hot vegetable soup, especially on cold winter days. It will warm you up and relax your body with a first step due to the warmth. You will quickly feel good again.

But beware. The vegetable soup must be prepared by yourself. In no case use soup cubes and salt! The salt is bound to water in the body and can lead to a terrible headache, a perfect starting situation for your already stressed body!

As a first step, cook a carrot, a piece of leek and a little onion. Wash the vegetables well and cook them whole. When you get a yellowish colored natural broth, take the vegetables out of the pot and set them aside. Now refine your vegetable broth with herbs of your choice and as much as and until there is sufficient flavor for you personally.

After that, you should choose three vegetables, preferably potato, zucchini and peas. The green color calms the mind and potatoes, are known fillers and help you make your vegetable soup creamy. Just simmer until they fall apart! Dice the zucchini! The amount of vegetables will depend on the portions you need and can be up to you.

Before serving, add a little extra virgin olive oil to boost the vitamin content a bit and add some oatmeal and parmesan cheese directly into the soup to make sure this healthy dish has all the nutrients it needs. Of course, you can also add other cereals, depending on individual tastes. Another idea would be also to cut small cubes with whole wheat toast to realize crispy croutons. Just put the toasts in the oven and crush them when they are crispy, or toast them directly in the toaster oven if the quantity is not huge.

Try this vegetarian dish and be tempted, all the ingredients have a calming effect on everyday stress!