Determine your own life

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Are you currently in a phase where you feel backed into a corner? Then you’re not alone, because many people in our fast-paced society feel the same way. Stress has become a widespread disease and you have it in your own hands.
Now you may think that you did not choose your stress, but I have to disappoint you, because: We have a choice in how we evaluate and ultimately deal with situations. And in the long run, we can get out of a situation at any time. Dare.

Choose how you feel

An acute solution when we feel we are in a hopeless situation is: take a breath. Direct your gaze inward and become aware that you are currently giving control to the situation instead of controlling it. It sometimes happens that unexpected events throw us off course. We may not have acute control over what is happening, yet we have a choice in how we respond. Consciously choose the option of reacting calmly to the situation, because no one can take that away from you. Someone can put a mountain of work on you, but he cannot take away your smile. Therefore, always choose to smile, even if you don’t feel like it at first. This will acutely lower your stress level.

Choose an option

A long-term solution is to become aware that you have chosen this life as it is. Also, become aware that you can always change your choice. We often think that once we choose something in life, we have to stick with it for the rest of our lives. The truth is: this is a mistake in the thinking of society, because we always have the choice to take a different path and do not have to submit to our situation. On the contrary, life means constant change. “That’s easier said than done,” many may say. The fact is: we usually stand in our own way, because our safety thinking makes us reluctant to jump into the black.

See both sides of the coin

Once we become aware of how many wonderful things we have in life, it steers us back in the right direction and gives us a clear head. List the wonderful gifts that life has given you and let gratitude flow into your heart. Look to your left and to your right and become aware of what you don’t have. There are a lot of worries that others have to deal with. See that you don’t have them.

Start taking the rudder in your hands and consciously detach yourself from the stress, because you alone can turn the rudder around.