Do not be the center of attention

Do not be the center of attention

You are a successful professional in your field and you are on stage every week. That means you are in front of a large audience to whom you have to present the knowledge you have acquired. The management of the company you work for makes sure that this is the case. The management of the company wants you to represent the company in this case. Of course, you also have something to gain from this. Because you will be known and many an article will be written about you. Your knowledge and work is thus already preserved for posterity.

For some time you may have enjoyed being the center of attention at conferences or press conferences. And you were certainly happy about the fact that your knowledge was completely new and that you were the only expert in this field. You can’t complain about the monthly salary you receive from your employer. Maybe even other employers are tempting you with even more monthly salary. The problem is: In the meantime, you may feel uncomfortable being the center of attention. You have already wished before some appearances that the interest in you and/or your work decreases.

Now your inner wish makes itself felt. And that is when you are once again standing in the anteroom of the presentation hall with all the spectators and actually don’t want to go in. You notice how slowly stress comes up. You get nervous and maybe drop some sheets of your script. The person standing next to you to give you the command when to enter the hall notices your nervousness and wants to calm you down. You refuse, or rather, you know that you can’t change the fact that the crowd is enthusiastic about you and your knowledge. You have different things going through your head, like that you alone know about the things you are talking about during the lecture. That means you can’t let anyone else do your work. You compose yourself again and go into the hall. But this time everything is different: You try to stop the applause, which is usual at some points during your speech, by raising one hand and thus stopping the applause. You can also do something else: You can change the text of your script at the end. You simply thank your colleagues and especially those who have supported you in your research and also your family. Then you have distracted a little from yourself, but only a little.