Do not blame other people for your mistakes and problems

Do not blame other people for your mistakes and problems

It can often be so much easier to blame other people for your own mistakes and problems. It’s an easy solution to pass the buck. But why do you act this way?

Man evolves

In the course of evolution, man has developed into a being that constantly seeks explanations for his actions. He seeks explanations for what is happening and why. He wants to keep control over almost everything. He seeks solutions to all problems he can’t solve right away. One type of solution is to relinquish responsibility. This is what man has learned over time.

Shifting problems

What happens to you when you pass on responsibility by blaming your mistakes on others? In principle, it’s quite simple: you remove yourself from responsibility, you remove yourself from the scene, and yet you remain a victim. Victim? Why? You no longer have any influence on the further course of events. They will take their course without you being able to influence them any further. Everything can change for the better, everything can also change for the worse, which can trigger a certain stress in you, because you have hardly any possibility to turn the tide.

The better alternative

Of course, it’s not about you taking the rap for others. Everyone is responsible for themselves, including you. As a mature person, you should be able to stand up for your mistakes and problems, to take responsibility for yourself. It can be very liberating to stand by your actions. You then stand not only by the negative deeds, but also by the positive deeds. That’s what makes you as a person. Nobody is perfect, admit your mistakes. Self-awareness allows you to grow internally. Because only from mistakes you learn in the end. You will see that in the end you will have less stress.
Can you seriously learn something by blaming others for your mistakes? How does it feel to know that the other person is my responsibility? Where is the stress level higher? It certainly brings more profit for your personal development to fix your mistakes yourself and find solutions to your problems yourself. Set out on the path to yourself!