Do not retain farts, urine or stool

Do not retain farts, urine or stool
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Who does not know it? Stress inevitably accompanies us in everyday life again and again. We feel tired, drained and look for ways to reduce our stress. But instead of remedies, pills or elaborate exercises, the solution is often not so far away. With the simplest methods, stress can be counteracted or reduced. And the best thing about it all: the only thing we need is ourselves!

What has to come out has to come out

Of course, there are always situations in which we hold back farts or similar things. This stresses our body immensely. Be it in a crowded waiting room, at a family reunion or in public places that are well attended. Our sense of shame prevents us from letting out what we want to let out at that moment. However, both farting and excreting urine and stool are natural bodily functions that we don’t need to be ashamed of. In nursing, for example, these issues are commonplace and have long been part of everyday life. Always keep in mind that all people have these bodily functions and you are never alone with your ‘problem’.

Reduce stress by letting it out

Believe it or not, holding in your bodily functions can affect your health and will actually increase your stress. Holding in gas can contribute to digestive issues like bloating, abdominal pain, and even affect your breathing. Due to these consequences, it goes without saying that not only is our body under stress but our psyche is also put under strain.
In the worst case scenario, permanent adherence can even cause bumps to form on the intestinal wall. If these then become inflamed, our body is stressed and we are even more susceptible to further illnesses or germs. Conversely, this means: Fart! Go to the toilet! Doing your business when you feel it pressing!

Allow the body some relaxation

The art of getting used to it can be learned quickly. Yes, the psyche plays a big role. But as soon as you keep in mind that it stresses your body to keep the gases and the like, you are one step further.
Most of the time you can arrange to let out stool or urine or the gases. Just disappear briefly to a quiet place. Mostly everyone understands this and you can relieve yourself. If you are on the road, you can also quickly scurry behind a bush. This relieves you, your body and your psyche additionally!