Don’t add new tasks to your to-do list until you have completed one thing

Don't add new tasks to your to-do list until you have completed one thing

One thing at a time

It’s the end of the day, maybe even the middle of it, and once again you look at your to-do list and are startled to realize that you don’t know how to complete your daily or weekly goals.
You’ve already reached the point where you realize that without a list, you’ll lose sight of your tasks.

You thought that writing things down would help you.
And yet, somehow you don’t manage it, this realization takes your breath away, your heart beats faster, you feel stressed and overwhelmed.
Maybe you just want to throw everything away, lie on your back like a bug and do nothing.
Yes, it is normal to fall into such a state.

However, it is important to keep a cool head now and to approach things anew after taking a deep breath or perhaps after a short walk.
Reflect on yourself for a moment, look inside yourself to see where this feeling of powerlessness arises, and then say to yourself, “I can’t do it all at once!”

Now you may get thoughts of “But others can do it, multitasking must be possible.”
No, no one can do it.
One thing at a time, or step-by-step, that’s the divise you should apply here.
Cross your tasks off the list, delete them, it can be helpful not to have this big mountain in front of your eyes, thus you create space in your head for a new strategy.
I, too, would not know how to tackle a task when I see how many other tasks are still there.

Now think carefully about which task has the highest priority, try to estimate a time window for it, rather choose ten minutes more than too little.
The joy and reward effect will be even higher if you can check your box, which will automatically increase your motivation for the next task.
If you like, put two or three tasks on your list from the beginning, decreasing in importance, and then start working on the first one.
As already mentioned, it is now “step-by-step”, but also stay strong!
Because another important aspect is also, learn to say “no”, add a new task only when you have completed one, only in this way you keep your inner peace and calm.
Only in this way you can manage to complete your tasks.

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