Don’t check your phone during bedtime

Don't check your phone during bedtime
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Many people use the some phone in bed even just before sleep. Studies have even shown that a quarter have their own phone under their pillow. In order to have a peaceful and sound sleep, it is wise not to use your phone in bed or during bedtime. Researchers have recommended that you should not use your smartphone in your own bedroom. Not using your phone during bedtime will help you reduce stress.

The ever-increasing lack of sleep and sleep problems are partly due to surfing the internet and texting on your phone in bed. Many people look at their cell phones when they haven’t fallen asleep after 10 minutes, or text with friends before going to bed in bed.

What is harmful is the light from smartphone displays. The blue light, which is higher in smartphones than in daylight, ensures that the melatonin, which you form in your body in the evening, is prevented from functioning. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that separates the night from the day and causes fatigue in your body. It is produced in your body in the evening and ensures that you feel tiredness at night and ultimately fall asleep.

However, if you still use your phone in bed, the effect of the hormone is stopped and halted. When using your phone in bed or during bedtime, your body is simulated to think that it is still light and it is not yet time to go to sleep. Less sleep hormones are thus released.

Suppressing the production of melatonin can thus have serious consequences. It makes you fall asleep less quickly and shortens the duration of sleep. Another aspect why you should not use your smartphone during bedtime is the general obstruction of sleep, which can lead to obstruction and change of sleep rhythm in the medium term. Continuous use of your phone during bedtime can cause sleep disturbances.

In addition to the harmful blue light component, the smartphone in your own bedroom is also unhealthy, as you are still quickly texting with friends, watching YouTube videos or even playing games. Valuable sleep time is lost in this way. If the phone should not be taken into the bedroom and into bed in the first place, this can be avoided and thus the necessary sleep can be preserved. You should clearly separate sleeping and using your phone.

Avoiding phone use during bedtime reduces stress. If you can teach your body to disconnect at bedtime, you will feel the stress melt away at the end of the day.