Don’t put it off – do it now!


Procrastination creates stress. Stress because of a guilty conscience, because you do not fulfill your tasks. And you get stress because of the time pressure that inevitably arises. What can you do about it?

Simply do what is necessary. Just start immediately, without thinking. Procrastination has no chance from now on, because you have already started. The fun comes with doing: The further you have progressed, the greater your motivation to successfully complete the task.

Time windows and deadlines help you avoid stress

Self-defined time windows are your personal security against unnecessary stress. Because the time from … to … is always your working time from today on. If you stick to your personal work schedule, it will become more and more a habit over time, and you will start to do your tasks on your own. Because now is the time.

From now on, set yourself a specific daily workload that needs to be accomplished and stick to it. Write a to-do list and cross out what you have already done. This will increase your motivation because you will immediately feel a sense of achievement. The list gives you an overview of your upcoming subtasks, so you don’t procrastinate because you don’t know what to do.
Don’t be afraid of consequences

If you put off unpleasant things, on the one hand you still have them in front of you. On the other hand, the longer you put it off, the more unpleasant the consequences. So you better do it right away.

A clear conscience

If you have done everything immediately, without pushing a (big or small) mountain of unfinished tasks in front of you, you have the good feeling to have done everything in time. In addition, you can now reward yourself with free time, which you can use sensibly for beautiful things. So instead of feeling guilty or in a hurry because of lost time, you can be proud of your achievement and consciously do something that brings you joy.