Don’t take everything so personally

Don't take things personally
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We all have stress and often feel overwhelmed in everyday life. Family, job, partnership and a daily flood of information – we rush from A to B, are angry with the boss or the partner and overreact at some point.
The result is: we are stressed, feel burnt out and no longer know how to relax.

Proven methods for stress
Nowadays, there is a whole range of methods and teachings that can help you deal with stress better. Besides sports, meditation, yoga or a walk, there is also a behavioral method that is less known, but still just as effective. This refers to the art of inner calmness.

Don’t take everything so personally
What sounds so easy to say is very difficult for many people to put into practice; after all, humans are social beings who, deep down, want to feel a sense of belonging. But what happens when we feel that someone is criticizing us and so we feel a sense of annoyance, a sense of stress?
One thing first: in your life there will always be situations in which you have to face criticism and reproach towards yourself.
However, this does not mean that this criticism has to question your entire person.
Not doing a thing well does not mean being an incompetent person.
First, try to change your perspective and ask yourself what your counterpart really wants to tell you. Then think about how you can better let go of what is being said, that is, how you can not take it personally. This will help you not only in coping with stress, but also in communicating with your counterpart. Because in many cases when we receive criticism and feel stress, it’s usually not about us as a person at all, but about an underlying emotion.

You cannot learn the art of inner calmness overnight, but only with a lot of patience with yourself and your counterpart.
And even if you take something personally and you feel the anger, the hurt rising inside you, remember again that most of what other people say, usually does not concern us personally, but is merely an expression of their inner emotional world.
Therefore, learn to observe your counterpart attentively, perceive their emotional vibrations and consider whether your counterpart is perhaps speaking out of a particular emotion. Take it in without judging it and also let what is said go.
In short: Don’t take it personally!