Don’t worry about career advancement

Don't worry about career advancement

If you’re an ambitious person and desire to succeed at work, it can be fulfilling – but it can also cause tremendous stress.

Your laudable intentions to work towards your goals can quickly be accompanied by worrying about them day and night. You ruminate incessantly, looking for ways to get that much-coveted promotion, for example. And yet, despite all your efforts, in the end you can’t control whether you’ll get it or whether one of your colleagues will be happy instead.

Nonetheless, you quickly blame yourself for this apparent defeat, doubting yourself and trying to perform even better. The stress that this quickly leads to is usually a great burden and can even have health consequences.

A technique that is as simple as it is effective to avoid this scenario is to break out of the vicious cycle and stop worrying about career advancement.

This technique has the advantage of stopping letting things that are not within your control anyway determine your thoughts and daily life. Because at the end of the day, there are always factors in your professional life that you can’t control, despite your best efforts. As soon as you stop worrying about them and let them come to you, you will experience another positive effect: you will gain peace of mind and concentration.

You can use this in turn to do what is in your power for your career: simply do your best. Without the pressure of worrying about your career progress, there is room for more ingenuity and creativity, which will improve your professional performance all by themselves.

So, in the end, putting aside your worries about your career progress is one of the most effective means to a happy life. For one thing, it often leads to an automatic improvement in your own performance, making your work easier and fun instead of a stressor. On the other hand, it protects you from disappointment if things don’t work out with the promotion. Because you know you’ve done the best job possible and can be proud of your performance.