Eat slowly and enjoy your meals

Eat slowly and enjoy your meals

Not only what we eat, but also how we eat is crucial for our physical and mental health. Even our grandmothers gave the advice: “Chew every bite at least 30 times.” Today we know that this rule of eating can save us from stomach aches, heartburn and obesity.
However, our everyday life often looks quite different: We somehow eat breakfast on the bus & train, we quickly shove a sandwich between our teeth at lunchtime while standing or order a pizza in the evening, which we eat rather carelessly in front of the PC. So it’s no wonder that fast eaters don’t gain weight, but simply enjoy meals less. When we eat, we should “slow down”, relax, take our time and eat slowly.

Eating slowly is good for body and mind

Slowness is the key not only to less digestive discomfort, but above all to an intense taste experience, enjoyment and relaxation. With ‘slow food’ you not only eat fewer calories, possibly lose weight, but you your soul receives caresses and you help your body to reduce stress.
Some scientists believe that with mindfulness, one’s perception changes and other areas in the brain are addressed. Slow food in the sense of mindfulness training is said to change emotion regulation and the corresponding stimulus processing in the brain. In the end, you will – according to the theory – mainly feel like eating food that is good for you.

How to eat slowly and enjoyably

Even people who like to cook themselves and describe themselves as pleasurable eaters often eat too quickly. The practice of slow food must therefore first be practiced and trained. The following tips will help.

Pleasant atmosphere

Part of slow eating is only eating while sitting down. Set the table, light a candle.
No distractions
Focus on your meal. Distractions such as watching TV, using a smartphone or reading the newspaper are taboo.
Eat small bites
Don’t stuff large chunks into your mouth. Cut vegetables and meats into small bites, and don’t pile spoons with cereal, or cottage cheese desserts either.
Chew well
The taste experience will be a different one, often much more intense, if you chew each bite for at least ten to 15 seconds. You’ll find that your eating habits and favorite foods change just by doing this.
Only with cutlery
You no longer eat anything with your hands, but only with cutlery. To take breaks, put your knife, fork or spoon down on your plate again and again.
Drink water
You can drink small sips of water between meals to prolong the meal.

An enjoyable and healthy meal also includes friends, family or colleagues; a relaxed meal also includes social interaction.