Emotional Freedom Technique as an effective help against stress

Emotional Freedom Technique as an effective help against stress

EFT in the fight against stress – how to help yourself

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT for short) is a technique of emotional release/freedom. It falls into the field of energetic psychology, which in turn belongs to energy medicine.
These are therapeutic methods and diagnostic concepts that are an alternative to conventional scientific medicine.

EFT is a method used to relieve stress and treat psychological blockages through acupressure points or their stimulation. Here’s more about how EFT helps with stress and what you need to know to use the method….

The Emotional Freedom Technique – What is it and where did it come from?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is based on the use of the body’s own human energy in combating and treating stress and psychological disorders. Originally this method, as it exists today, was developed by the American Gary Craig.
However, EFT has its roots in Chinese medicine. The Chinese have been combining the body’s own energy flow with the nerves and kinesiology in their healing methods for centuries.

In this country this technique is also called “tapping acupressure”. It is intended to get rid of all negative feelings, stress accumulations and various fears with the help of stimulation of certain acupressure points.

The procedure of this method is as follows:

While focusing on the causes of stressful situations and negative feelings, for example, problems at work, it is necessary to simultaneously press on certain acupressure points. In addition, a self-imagined affirmation is recited, such as: “Even if I have a lot of stress right now, I will be successful in my job”.

EFT Tapping Points

Although for many people EFT sounds more like superstition than medicine, various results from many people have proven otherwise. Although the Emotional Freedom Technique has not been scientifically proven, many patients who have tried this method testify to rapid success,

However, scientists are still completely opposed to EFT. This is because scientists label this method as an unprovable cure and do not want to pursue it further.

In recent years, several studies have surfaced documenting the effects of EFT. One attributes the effect of this therapy to the placebo effect. The other is due to human concentration during therapy. The only truly watertight study that can come close to a scientific investigation can be classified as the one by Nemiro and Papworth from 2015.

They compared the Emotional Freedom Technique to behavioral therapy done on sexually abused women. Here, they found that success rates were about the same for both EFT and cognitive behavioral therapies. This did not change in follow-up studies done months later.

EFT against stress – acupuncture without needles

Although the Emotional Freedom Technique can be described as a type of acupuncture, this form of therapy does not involve the use of needles, but rather tapping on certain meridian lines on the body. This form of therapy is considered to be particularly gentle, gentle on the body and soothing to the soul. Experienced therapists now achieve very good results in the area of stress relief and treatment of anxiety within just one session.

EFT for Stress – Does it really help and how long does the treatment last?

Emotional disturbances and physical ailments are to be combated with the help of EFT in a form of self-healing. This is also the case with stress. The method was recognized in 2012 by the American Psychological Association (APA for short) as a scientifically based form of therapy. There is now sufficient clinical documentation on the effects of EFT, proving that the approach to body energy as a healing tool can certainly bring visible results within a very short time.

As we live faster and faster and work harder and harder due to consumerism, it is only a logical consequence that we are exposed to new stressful situations every day. Over time, these can cause not only psychological disorders, but also various physical ailments. EFT is based on the self-healing effect through a combination of concentration and stimulation of meridian points on the human body. Together with a positive attitude, stress should be banished to oblivion.

With proper application, EFT for stress is a quite powerful weapon in the fight against stress, trauma, emotional instability and anxiety. Not only can you relieve stress through EFT therapy, you can ensure a permanently healthy soul afterwards through the comprehensive range of applications of this method. As a positive after-effect, physical symptoms also gradually fade. In simple terms, this means that stress only needs to be relieved once with the help of the EFT method, after which it can be kept away permanently through medium regular application of this type of self-healing.

As with any other healing method, there are of course different applications of EFT. In the meantime one differentiates between the simple application, which can be accomplished also laymen, and the professional application. Simple healing methods are intended to maintain a healthy soul and the right balance between body and mind.

Professional use of EFT for stress (which, by the way, must also be state licensed) is used for severe mental disorders, deep-seated trauma and urgent psychotherapeutic interventions.

The Approach of the EFT Healing Method – The Energy Flow Must Be Right

The causes of stress sensitivity lie in the disturbance within our energy system. Unresolved negative build-up and accumulated suppressed stress symptoms cause a breakdown of the energy system. This in turn can gradually lead to various physical symptoms.

Chinese medicine has been studying the power of the body’s own energy circuit for thousands of years. While the influence of the body’s own energy is negated by Western medicine to this day. The EFT method, however, has shown thousands of people that the power of one’s own energy system and its proper application can indeed trigger quick and lasting positive effects. EFT brings peace to the human spirit. It brings about an inner balance between body and soul and makes people believe that through their own inner peace and serenity, anything can be overcome.

How EFT Helps with Stress

While using EFT for stress, you are, in a sense, clearing your body and soul. Mental stresses are cleared. As a result, physical ailments such as headaches, backaches, tension and digestive problems gradually subside until they disappear altogether. Once the soul is cleared, you are much less susceptible to negative feelings and stress.

Praktizieren von EFT
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EFT for stress is gentle and profound. The method is not based on medicinal treatment of stress conditions, but on the balance between body and soul. Once this is achieved, a person can prevent stress through their own inner peace. Thus, after some time, you can not only feel that the stress has dissipated from your body and mind, but with a little practice, you can also maintain this state permanently, without having to undergo conventional psychotherapies.

Self-Healing Method

EFT was developed as a self-healing method and is still used as such to combat stressful conditions. Especially beginners in this field must be aware that more severe mental disorders and clinical cases of mental illness do not belong in the hands of a layman. Only a state-licensed professional in the field should be used.

Critics, to be sure, say that EFT for stress and trauma quickly reaches its limits as a psychotherapeutic method. Several hundred examples of traumatized war victims, such as victims of ethnic cleansing from Kosovo or Afghanistan, have shown that one can achieve lasting resolution of deep-seated trauma and stress sensitivity to the environment through the use of EFT alone.

Try EFT!

EFT for stress (as a psychotherapeutic method for stress relief) does not have to be performed by a professional. To combat everyday stress, it is enough to use this method yourself. All you need is a basic knowledge of the meridian points you need to stimulate. Once you learn how this technique works properly, you will quickly feel the accumulated negative emotions disappear and you will feel much less stress than before.

After you have learned the basics of using EFT for stress on yourself, you can try it on others. However, you should only do this if you are sure you can do it and the other person is not a seriously mentally ill person. EFT for stress has had many successes, but it should not be experimented with. However, a basic knowledge of EFT can be enough to relieve everyday stress.