Fantasy journeys against stress

Fantasy journeys against stress

How can fantasy journeys be used against stress?

More than a quarter of all employees in the EU say they suffer from stress at work, and in Germany the figure is as high as 80 percent. Private life can also be responsible for stress. If you are also one of those people who suffer from stress – for whatever reason – there are various ways to get rid of it and do yourself some good. For example, you can take a journey into the realm of your imagination and go on a fantasy trip.

Dream journeys or fairy tale journeys, as fantasy journeys are also called, are stories for dreaming and relaxing that stimulate the imagination. You are invited on such a journey to direct your mindfulness and concentration inward and visit a place in your imagination. This journey should help you to have positive thoughts and beautiful feelings. You can throw off all the mental ballast that weighs you down in your everyday life, leave the stress of everyday life behind you.

Your mind and soul can regenerate, recover and you can recharge your batteries. You can recover from everyday life. Because especially in stressful and hectic times, it is good if you can let go and relax, escape the circling thoughts in your head, relax your tense body.

Dream journeys

antasiereisen have an immediate effect, and this without you having to make long preparations. The fantasy journey is read or narrated by a speaker. There are courses in which fantasy journeys are offered. If you don’t want to attend a course, you can listen to a CD at home. But attending a course offers you certain advantages: You can exchange ideas with others and in addition learn how to integrate a fantasy into everyday life and how to relax in stressful situations. If you take fantasy journeys alone, you can use creative methods, such as expressive painting, to process the impressions of the journey if you wish.

Breathing exercises

Fantasy journeys often begin with breathing exercises. You become aware of yourself when you breathe in and when you breathe out. Then you focus on individual areas of your body, such as arms, legs, feet, head, back. The calm and warm voice of the speaker then leads you to a beautiful place where you can relax. In your mind’s eye a story is running. You travel into your innermost being, to your own self. During this phase of relaxation, the speaker creates images and feelings and takes you to a place. This can be a beach, for example. You might feel the warm sand under your feet, hear the sound of the sea and feel the fresh breeze. The different facets of the fantasy journeys should be perceived with as many senses as possible. This is crucial for relaxation.


In hypnosis, many people fear that they will be manipulated and do things they don’t want to do. This is impossible with a fantasy journey. When you take a fantasy journey, you are always fully conscious. You can stop the journey at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

The beautiful and pleasant images in your imagination activate your memory and the feelings associated with it on the fantasy journeys. Your brain does not care if you actually experience the trip or if it is a memory that has been emotionally charged. The experience, which only takes place in your imagination, is processed almost as if you had actually started the journey.

Learn to relax better

Measurable are changes in breathing rate and depth, heartbeat and skin circulation. If you regularly undertake fantasy journeys, you will be able to relax better and better. This is a prerequisite for you to better recover from the stress of everyday life. In fantasy journeys, in addition to the pleasant images in your imagination, other techniques are used to support your self-healing powers: for example, suggestions through which you feel more confident and optimistic and have a more positive image of yourself. This also helps you to relax and regenerate better.

fantasy journeys


The procedure of one of your fantasy journeys can be as follows: In a first step, you choose a pleasant place where you will not be disturbed. You create a pleasant atmosphere. Then you lie down or sit down and start to relax. Then you concentrate on the voice of the speaker, breathing in and out consciously. Fantasy journeys are especially pleasant when you are relaxed. You can better engage with the images that arise in your mind’s eye. Your mental capacity is increased and your feelings are perceived more sensitively.

Listeners on fantasy journeys visit places of the soul, places of inner strength. These can be places that are familiar to us, but also new places. The possibilities are endless: the sea, the lake in the mist, a walk in the woods, a vacation spot we have already been to, a fireplace, a spring meadow. On these journeys you can meet your inner child, your guardian angel or a fairy godmother. After you have looked around at this soul place and met this person, you return to reality and slowly arrive back in the here and now. One journey takes about 30 minutes. If you repeat this regularly, the positive effect will not increase.