Fruit salad with yogurt

Fruit salad with yogurt

In general, dishes that contain magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin C are useful against stress. Below you will find a recipe for a fruit salad with yogurt that you can use to relieve stress.

To begin, take two bananas and cut them into small slices. Then you add them to a bowl, which is the base for the fruit salad. Bananas are useful because they contain stress killers like vitamin B6 or magnesium.

After you add the bananas to a bowl, you add strawberries and raspberries, as these contain a not insignificant amount of vitamins. The vitamins A, C and E contained in them strengthen the body and act against stress. In addition, strawberries and raspberries provide a kind of relaxation in the body. Especially the vitamin C of strawberries helps your body a lot.

On top of your fruit salad you then pour yogurt. Yogurt is important for your body because it contains a lot of vitamin B and magnesium, which is very important for the body. Magnesium, which is abundant in yogurt, supports the body in the formation of relevant enzymes.

After you already have your fruit salad with yogurt, you can additionally use a few ingredients to achieve the optimal anti-stress factor. A few nuts like walnuts are good to take vitamins of the B group. Finally, you can add some quinoa seeds as they contain vital protein.

Fruit salad with yogurt

2 bananas
50 grams of strawberries
50 grams of raspberries
200 grams of natural yogurt
A handful of walnuts
20 grams of quinoa seeds


First you should peel and cut the banana. After you have placed the banana pieces in a bowl or similar, wash the raspberries and strawberries. Cut them in the middle and add them to the bowl. Pour the natural yogurt over the fruit. In the next step, add the walnuts. Finally, pour the cooked quitoa over the fruit salad with the yogurt.

Enjoy your meal!