Get a massage

Get a massage

Would you like to let yourself fall completely into another world? And “catch” every muscle of your body completely relaxing and waiting for things to happen? It’s like this: Every one of us is stressed today, wolfing down breakfast in one bite (if at all), taking the little ones to kindergarten and school, then driving on to work, having to pick them up again after work, having to take them to their hobbies. The day, let’s face it, is endless these days! Then, when you want to sink onto the couch in the evening, exhausted, what better way than a massage? Scientists have found that a massage can make you more stress resistant if done regularly. A massage of the partner is just as beneficial in the evening to put aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But more often you don’t know exactly where to press. Go to a professional masseuse. Maybe you make a combined appointment with your partner. Let both of you be pampered by different massage techniques that are available. It doesn’t matter if you like it more classic or exotic. Please try a massage, your body will thank you with every fiber.

A classic massage

Here in our latitudes, the classic massage is very popular. This includes the analysis (what does the body to be massaged need) as well as the following types of grips. The grips are precisely balanced to relieve tension in the muscles and give the body a feeling of well-being: stroking (towards the heart), kneading (in an S-shape towards the front), rubbing (with the balls of the hand), tapping (lightly, with a light hand), shaking (this is done with the fingertip).

High blood pressure and cramps can be well controlled with it. The classical massage provides relaxation and rest and is very suitable for you to come down.

A Thai massage

Thai massage is for you if you like it more exotic and maybe with scents. Muscles, tendons and pads are treated according to 2000 years old tradition with the help of pressure, rotation and stretching. The massager uses thumbs, balls of feet, elbows and knees in Thai massage, unlike in classical massage. She also pulls you up in a pleasant way. One type is Thai aroma therapy, where scents are used in hot aroma bags. Here you can relax wonderfully and feel yourself drifting in the vastness of an ocean.

Thai massage is very good for stubborn tensions. It can relieve headaches or disorders of blood circulation in the body. It can also stimulate the metabolism.

Be sure to try one of the massages. If you are very sensitive, you can try to massage yourself carefully or use a massage stick (available in specialized stores).