Go swimming

go for a swim to relax

Are you also one of those adults who always have something to do? There is usually no time to do something for yourself and your health. Even the free time is often planned through: Visits, gardening, household chores, etc. Just go swimming again!
Pack your bathing suit and go to the open-air or indoor swimming pool. Take someone with you for entertainment. Swimming helps you relieve tension and stress. Think of swimming as a workout for your entire body. It puts minimal stress on your joints and still burns calories. Swimming has many benefits.

Make your swimming routine as enjoyable as possible!
If you are not in the best swimming mood, just stay in the water for half the normal time. Often it is enough to let yourself float in the water for five minutes. This lifts your mood and calms your brain waves.

Set your own pace!
If you lack the motivation for the usual training, allow yourself longer breaks in between. Or change your swimming style to breaststroke, for example. That’s not so bad, every training plan can be changed once in a while.

Just swim off the stress!
Can’t switch off at home and have a thousand things on your mind? Then it’s time to swim off the stress, take time for yourself. If casual swimming doesn’t help, really work out. This will clear your head! You feel fresh and ready for new actions.

Relax yourself!
With regular swimming, water has a therapeutic effect. A few laps of swimming after a day’s work help to relieve stress and relax. If you are tired and want to recharge your batteries, go swimming. You’ll get your body moving and your circulation going.

With swimming you train all muscles in parallel and strengthen torso, arms and legs.

Swimming is perfect for the elderly, pregnant women and convalescents because swimming is considered a low-impact cardio workout. It

  • trains the circulation, heart and lungs,
  • gently promotes joint mobility and strengthens muscles.
  • strengthens the muscles.
  • the metabolism is stimulated
  • a few pounds can fall off.

30 minutes of swimming burns between 200 and 350 calories, which is equivalent to about one hour of exercise on land. Half an hour of swimming a week renews your energy considerably.

If you don’t feel like packing your bathing suit and going out again in the evening, we recommend the following:
Pack your swimming bag the night before, take it with you to work and visit the nearest swimming pool on your way home. You will feel better after swimming and you will be able to relax and enjoy the evening.