Go to the park and sit on a bench

Woman sitting on a bench
©leszekglasner /stock.adobe.com

Sometimes it’s just too much. You need a relaxation for your mind and psyche that are stressed from a lot of work or worries. There are many techniques to relax. You may have already read or heard about many. But why don’t you try a completely different technique: Go to the park and just sit on a bench there. Just sitting there in a natural and beautiful environment will have a great effect. You will start to feel more relaxed there. Even close your eyes from time to time. With your eyes closed, enjoy the breeze of the wind, the rustling of the leaves on the old trees of the park. Listen to the chirping of the birds, which alone is an important relaxation effect. Alternately, open your eyes and enjoy the sight of the flowers, plants and birds. You may also spot one or more squirrels foraging for acorns and darting up the trunks of the old park trees. Breathe deeply the scent of the flowers and grass. Focus only on what you see, smell, or feel. That is quite enough.

The birds, by the way, are anyway a species that stimulates our well-being. The sight of them flying, moving quickly on the ground and chirping is something soothing for every soul. It has a positive effect on our psyche. Why don’t you use it as your relaxation method? Just take bread or cookies and attract the birds to you. Feed them with the things that are tasty for them, so they will stay around you for a long time and more will be attracted by the lively activity in front of you. And they will trustingly stay near you for a long time. This sight and your actions will distract you and you will come to other as well as better thoughts. Everything will seem to fall off faster and more intensively.

Maybe you will look for the same place again and again. Because the birds may also remember you and your delicious bread. That brings a relaxed routine for you. Or you may need more frequent and more distractions as your stress runs deep. Then pick another spot or even another park where you will do the same thing as described above. You will see, this will bring a great effect.