Go to work earlier

Go to work earlier

Stress at work can have many causes. Starting with too high a workload, through annoyance with colleagues to frequent pressure from the boss. Do you often feel completely exhausted after a long day at work? Do you just manage to eat a snack after work before you end up on the couch, completely exhausted? You can’t even think about going out with friends and family. It is not uncommon for stress at work to be carried over into the evening, so that it not only affects family life, but also robs many of their sleep.

Go to work earlier to fight stress

You probably won’t be able to change the high workload at work. However, the organization of your working day is partly up to your own planning. If you go to work earlier, you can make your day much more relaxed.
Of course, it’s tempting to roll over in your warm bed when the alarm goes off early in the morning. Nevertheless, these few minutes can already trigger the first stress factor. You don’t have time for morning rituals like a refreshing shower or a hot cup of coffee. While you’re rushing to the train or stuck in a traffic jam, unpleasant scenarios are already playing out in your head, such as disapproving looks from colleagues and the boss when you show up for work at the last minute. Even if these scenes are only in your imagination, they take a lot of your energy before the actual workday begins.

Starting the day relaxed and at ease can have a positive effect not only on the work itself, but also on the working atmosphere. Even half an hour earlier in the office can make a big difference. You not only have time for a friendly chat with colleagues, which benefits the working atmosphere. Unpleasant tasks can also be handled more calmly without time pressure at the start of work.

Nice plans for the end of the day

Start your plan right away by setting your alarm clock an hour earlier tonight. Plans for exciting or relaxing activities at the end of the day can be helpful as motivation. It’s been a long time since you’ve spent a happy evening with friends at your favorite restaurant? Your gym membership only exists on paper? Then it’s high time to reorganize your daily schedule so that life outside the office can take place again. Because the latter in turn has a positive effect on work. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your working day will be.