Happier through life without constant comparison

Don't Compare Yourself To Others

Everyone knows it and everyone does it – comparing with other people. It starts with little things and goes through all areas of life. Free yourself from the competition with others and live more stress-free and satisfied. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are constantly comparing yourself with others. If you catch yourself in this thought process, try to free yourself from it.

The question why others are always better, more successful, richer, happier and more satisfied, prevents you from working on yourself and your goals and to move forward. In most cases you do not know the background and the history of the other person. Thus, you actually only compare yourself with what a person pretends to be and to have accomplished. Since you yourself and your own life is completely different than that of another person, a comparison will only stress you and pull you down.

You should work on your thinking and behavior pattern and try to change it. When you get to the point that you are grateful for what you have already accomplished and achieved in your life, you will be more satisfied with yourself and happier.

Focus on your own accomplishments and successes. Compare yourself with yourself: What have you achieved in the last weeks, months and years and in what way have you improved and developed during this time. No one but yourself needs to be satisfied and happy with your life.

Comparison is pure stress. When you compare yourself with another person and feel inferior, you lower your own self-esteem.

Unconsciously everyone compares themselves and if you compare yourself for orientation or to motivate yourself, then this can have positive effects. However, only to the point that you do not feel worse and less worthy.

The constant comparison increases the pressure on yourself and what you do. You have false expectations of yourself, feel overwhelmed, and see yourself as a failure. All this time and effort you are wasting could be used so much more wisely.
You have your own strengths and talents. These are different from those of another person. But try to understand and accept that this does not mean that you are not good enough or less successful.

Live your life according to your own expectations and requirements. Think about your positive qualities and your successes. In this way, you will certainly be happier, more content and more relaxed. You also radiate your inner attitude to the outside world.

Comparing yourself with others will not bring you any further and will change absolutely nothing. Do not be envious or begrudging, but try to support your fellow men and be happy for them.