Happiness as a priority

Happiness as a priority

Personal happiness is often presented to you in guidebooks as the ultimate goal in life. In principle, that is correct. But it is difficult to achieve it in practice. Because everyday worries and tasks drown out the concentration on this goal. For example, maybe your focus in your current job is to get an income. This is to pay your bills and provide you with a secure life. But actually, you are very unhappy with your job as it is now. It doesn’t fill you up. You may have noticed that Friday is the best work day and you can’t wait for payday. Monday is the worst work day for you. On Sunday night, you have only negative thoughts towards the week ahead. But even a career you aspire to is not the path that will make you happy. It only causes you more stress. At this point, you should ask yourself if just earning money or fulfilling a career are the most important things to be happy.

It is similar in your private life. You are not happy in this one either, how everything is going. However, you can’t seem to get out of this rut. Your efforts seem to be futile. Personal happiness does not seem to come. This affects your innermost feelings and the whole day. You try to fight it in vain, which increases the level of stress. At this moment you should stop and think how to get out to the fulfilling state in a sustainable way. Hoping alone is enough. Because this will not bring about a change.

The answer will be that you should discover the path of personal happiness and take it. Of course, this is not easy at first sight. For it may be that your life and circumstances will change greatly. Perhaps it is these that are holding you back from change. Or it may be the fear of the unknown, which may come after the change. Nevertheless, your pursuit of happiness must come first. Then this fulfilling state will overflow into the other areas of your life and bear its fruit there. After all, it is better and more livable to live a happy and fulfilling life. No career and no amount of money can ever replace this.