Have someone to blow off steam with

Have someone to blow off steam with

Everyone knows it: everyday life causes stress and many things remain negatively in the memory. Maybe you had stress with colleagues at work or there were disagreements. All these factors ensure that one is restless inside and feels burdened. Therefore, in order to vent to yourself, it is important to talk to others about your own worries, fears and stresses. It is ideal if you have a friend with whom you can regularly let off steam.
An agreement against stress

For your own mental hygiene it can be very helpful to make a pact with a friend: At regular intervals, you can vent to each other and talk about everything that’s stressing you out. It’s also okay to get emotional and let your feelings run free. In this way, you will get rid of everything that weighs you down and burdens you. Of great importance is that you simply listen to each other and accept each other’s emotions. Often it is more important to express your feelings than for someone to take a stand. Once you have reached an agreement, you don’t have to be afraid to bother the other person with your worries, problems, and stress.
Be able to vent regularly

If you have someone with whom you know for a fact that you can regularly tell them all your problems without them judging you, you will be much more stress resistant. Whenever something bugs you or stresses you out, you know you can vent later. This provides inner balance and ensures that you have less stress overall. It’s important to be able to blow off steam at regular intervals. Therefore, when making your agreement, you should also consider how often we will talk and blow off steam to each other. It is important that each of you can blow off steam equally and that the other listens to him attentively during this time. This way, both of you will be able to withstand stressful times much better and focus on what’s important in your daily lives. You don’t have to keep the stress bottled up and there is always someone who is on your side, listening to you and understanding your feelings.