Home remedies for stress

Home remedies for stress
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Stress is an indispensable part of today’s society. Family life, job and the numerous obligations that accompany you every day can quickly bring you to the limits. Stress is the most common cause of illness or sick leave. But what can you do for yourself so that this pressure on you does not become too great?
This article will show you how easy it is to combat the effects of stress with simple tricks and home remedies and learn how to avoid it before it becomes too much of a burden.

How does stress manifest itself?

Stress represents an overload of the body, but primarily of the psyche. You quickly feel drained, overwhelmed and have the feeling that you can no longer master upcoming tasks. Stress is a natural reaction that enables the basic functions of the body.
When you run or are pressed for time, you will notice a pulse going up. You feel your heartbeat and for a short time you are extremely efficient. This is due to the natural instinct of flight.

However, if this condition lasts too long or occurs too frequently, it is damaging to the body. Which does not mean that any kind of stress has to be bad for you.

Medicine distinguishes between eustress and disstress. Eustress is all positive stress experiences that your body can make. In this context, exercise is a positive stress for the body. All the processes in the body are animated, muscles are trained, and exhaustion gives a good basis for rest.

Disstress is the totality of negative stress. Deadline pressure, excessive demands and permanent restlessness belong to it. If you can’t get this condition under control within a short time, then you are threatened with physical damage, such as cardiovascular problems, but also psychological problems. Depression or the build-up of a burn-out are the consequences.

So what can you do about stress?

Was kannst Du also gegen Stress tun?
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If you have a lot of stress, then you should start as soon as possible to do something good for your body and look for sufficient rest. Certain measures that do not require a doctor’s prescription can support you in this. You can implement them simply and easily at home.

1. The realization

You should be openly aware when you have stress and suffer from it. Your body reacts in this time with a strong fatigue, but also listlessness, loss of appetite and you get sick more easily. Headaches or even a runny nose are unbearable for you in such moments and your general well-being is no longer present.

Sleep is also no longer restful. Due to the permanent exhaustion, your body can no longer relax. Even if your body itself can recharge its batteries during sleep, your psyche cannot, because in the back of your mind you always have the obligations that await you again the next day. For some people, sleep is almost completely absent because they can no longer find rest and the constant obligations keep them awake.

This is where you have to start and recognize that you are suffering from this stress. Only then you can work effectively with few means to get out of this spiral. The sooner you recognize this situation, the more effective the home remedies against stress can help.

2. Analysis

In the following, it is important that you recognize the stress triggers and adapt them to your life or get help. Especially if there are many obligations in the family circle after work, it is advisable if you ask family members or friends to help you. If they can relieve you of just a few chores or support you, you’ll find that you’ll be able to recharge your batteries and become more relaxed.

Other situations and problems can also trigger stress. Here you should primarily work on solving these problems and seek the appropriate help if needed.

3. Help yourself!

Stress is a stressful situation for many people, and depending on your physical health, even a little stress can trigger problems. Therefore, you need to manage and reduce stress so that you don’t start suffering from it.
The sooner you realize that some tasks put a lot of strain on you, the more important it is that you take prophylactic action against stress and do something good for your body. For this purpose, not only the fixed planning of a daily routine and its implementation is important, but you can also help yourself with simple home remedies against stress.

Home remedies for stress

Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies
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The simplest home remedies against stress are homeopathic in nature. In this context, you can choose from a wide range. Not only do you have the choice of using tablets, oils or teas, but you can also choose between ready-made preparations or collect and prepare certain ingredients yourself.

The advantage with these products is not only the ease of use, but also the low risk of side effects. Herbal home remedies for stress can not be overdosed and are used individually without specific instructions.

Valerian, hops and lemon balm

This combination of these three herbal substances is the best known home remedy for stress, although the components can also be used alone. If you brew the fresh herbs or plants as teas, you will notice a calming and sleep-inducing effect. The more regularly you use these teas, the easier it will be to deal with stress.

St. John’s wort

As a tea or dragée, it is intended for long-term use against insomnia, restlessness and mild depression. Treatment with St. John’s wort requires some patience, as the calming properties are not immediately detectable. However, after about three weeks of regular use, you should feel an improvement in your condition.


It is not only a home remedy for stress, but also an all-rounder for fever, sore throat and cold. Chamomile soothes irritated mucous membranes, has a calming effect and promotes sleep. The higher doses and longer you use chamomile, you will also notice an anti-anxiety effect.


The essential effect of lavender reduces stress and inhibits the development of anxiety. You can also enjoy lavender flowers in the form of tea. Lavender is also available in diffusers and can create a constant scent in the bedroom, which can have a positive and relaxing effect on your sleep patterns.

Lemon balm

Its scent is often enough to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. At the same time, you don’t even have to drink or ingest this home remedy for stress. Just plant it on the balcony or put small plants in the apartment that the scent can spread.

All these home remedies for stress you can easily get in drugstores or pharmacies. If you are not sure about the application or have questions, just contact your pharmacist, who can give you the appropriate advice and find the right combination.

Other home remedies against stress


If you are active in sports, then you will notice that stress is hard to come by. By specifically demanding your body and moving in the fresh air, you automatically support your health and well-being.
Even if you are already suffering from stress, sports can offer you a good balance. It is up to you which sport you prefer and how often you want to do it.

Relaxation methods

Relaxation methods
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Yoga, Pilates, progressive muscle relaxation or breathing training. These are all home remedies against stress that you can do yourself at home in your own time. You can be supported by learning videos, but also audio plays, which give you the right instructions to relax specifically. Here you should only make sure that you can perform these exercises in a quiet environment, so that the effect of increased body awareness and relaxation can be built.
These methods not only have a positive effect on the psyche, but also release tension and facilitate breathing.

Blue color

You can also adapt an environment to your situation in terms of design. Blue shades in the bedroom, whether as bedding or on the wall in the form of paint or wallpaper, promote relaxation and are responsible for a peaceful and better sleep.

You can easily help yourself with the numerous home remedies. However, if all your efforts do not bring any improvement, it is important that you seek appropriate medical help in order not to harm yourself further.