How hugs help you in draining situations

Hugs help to destress

Why does a tender embrace help against stress?

A gentle approach, an intimate embrace or stroking someone through the hair – such gestures sustain human relationships. Affectionate touch as a sign of affection is of enormous importance in a humane society: it provides physical closeness. There is no substitute for this devoted form of contact – it has a gratifying effect on human well-being. The gentlest varieties of soulful cloth touch, such as a light pat on the shoulder, show positive results. During a close caress, one’s own body releases so-called happiness hormones, and the released endorphins strike the gray cells like a flood. As a result, the biochemical substances achieve an analgesic effect in humans. All the hormones that appear during a hug are useful in physical and mental discomfort. The burgeoning feelings of happiness quiet the pain, give comfort and speak encouragement.

What is the significance of an intimate embrace in one’s own family?

To take another person in the arm – this is the best lightning rod in case of quarrels. The mutual embrace shows the deeply felt feelings for each other, it highlights their own sensations. For each person, loving touch takes on a different significance, for some it may degenerate into a routine habit. Nevertheless, a physical approach helps in interpersonal conflicts. The embrace counteracts bad moods, for example, in the case of ill-temper or frustration. Close physical contact soothes, appeases and nips negative emotions in the bud. In addition, a foreign touch strengthens one’s own positive mood.

How can habitual touching be integrated into everyday life?

A regular hug in one’s own family stabilizes the relationship between the members. The same applies to close acquaintances; an intensive touch lends emphasis to the friendship. Attention must be paid to the form chosen for this purpose; the respective circumstances as well as the degree of familiarity determine the chosen form of contact. In certain situations, for example, great joy or sadness, an embrace is allowed in exuberance – it shows understanding and compassion. An emotional approach has its justification in every age, the gender as well as the circumstances play a subordinate role. The person being hugged and the accompanying circumstances are responsible for the effect of a well-intentioned feeling. It should be noted that in the course of time the significance of a hug changes for some people.