Hygge – a living concept against stress

hygge cozy home

Hygge represents an effective living concept against stress. Here it is about the philosophy of the combination between furnishing and lifestyle and comes from Denmark. Above all, the attention to detail is in the foreground of a Hygge concept. Ultimately, it is about well-being and the positive effects of a facility on this very well-being. In a broader sense, the Hygge concept is reminiscent of the laws of the well-known Feng Shui. Here, too, a connection between man and his environment has been seen and lived for many centuries. On the closer environment you have thereby large influence. To design your own home lovingly is good for body and soul, because here it is not only about the functional use of the furniture and upholstery materials.

Basically, the term hygge does not come directly from Danish. The origin is more generally to be found in Norwegian, whereby there is basically no generally valid translation. The word “coziness” is the closest approximation. The focus here is on feelings such as familiarity, security, safety and similar positive feelings. In this respect, this concept is also ideal for combating stress. In a broader sense, however, it is about even more. Namely, a warm atmosphere and a correspondingly positive attitude towards life. Explicitly it is about celebrating and enjoying the positive sides of life. At home and also outside your own four walls.

Hygge home

How is the Hygge concept suitable against stress?

The Hygge concept is therefore very effective against stress, because it adopts and takes into account positive laws. It has been known for a long time that the environment has an influence on people and their well-being. The positive feeling of a beautifully and lovingly furnished home simply makes people more stress-resistant, as they have created a kind of safe haven, which strengthens and relaxes them.

For example, after a hard day’s work, there is hardly anything better than entering one’s warm home and feeling embraced, so to speak. This feeling occurs when soothing colors and shapes adorn the living spaces. Just completely tailored to your needs and tastes. Thus, the Hygge home represents your mirror, which strengthens and supports you even in stressful times. Here you can just be and come to rest. Maybe you cover yourself with your nice fluffy blanket while lying on the couch, make some tea and look at an inspiring picture. All of this is “hyggelig,” which means cozy, stress-relieving, and empowering.

Enjoying life beyond the living area

A more or less well-known proverb says that above all those can fly high and grow who are deeply rooted and connected to the ground. In this context, the concept of hygge also plays an important role. A cozy home decorated with love strengthens your sense of home and gives you support. It makes it easier to rise above yourself and make dreams come true. After all, a solid home represents a base to which every person returns at the end of the day.

In this respect, a home represents a very important constant in life. Because even if circumstances change from time to time or things get stressful, the home remains and offers security, separation and comfort. Here you can consciously refuel and then face life again strengthened. Even beyond the living space, life can thus be enjoyed even better, whether it is a meal with friends, the joy of beautiful flowers, the scent of a honey candle and much more. All this can also be “hyggelig” and strengthen the nerves. And what strengthens the nerves is especially suitable against stress in the long term.

Implementing Hygge in everyday life

The practical thing about the Hygge concept is that it can be easily and very effectively integrated into everyday life. It’s also about the good food you eat, according to the motto: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. After all, this also applies to self-love and self-care. The Danes are known not only for eating food, but also for celebrating meals. Whether alone or with friends is thereby completely the same, importantly the well-being feeling and the attentiveness with the meal.

Another important Hygge aspect is friends and family. The Danes are known for their sense of family, and a family feeling can also be built up with friends. In any case, it is a matter of maintaining contact with loved ones, because this also strengthens one’s own sense of well-being immensely and defies stress. If you know the values of life, you simply won’t be thrown off track so easily. Warm room lighting is also like balm for the senses. Surely you have also noticed how good a pleasant lighting does, neither too bright nor too dark.

This aspect should also not be underestimated in the Hygge concept. The light from candles or a fireplace creates a real sense of hygge and makes stress disappear very quickly. The same applies to spending time in nature. Even if you sometimes have to motivate yourself a little, the subsequent positive effect after a walk should not be underestimated.

Fhygge home livinng concept

Appreciating the value of simple things

Part of the Hygge concept is also to be able to appreciate even simple things. In this respect, you can combine your walk with this lesson and collect woods, flowers, grasses, etc. for the purpose of decorating your living space. In autumn, for example, there is hardly anything more beautiful than the intense color of berries and the smell of spicy air. The fresh air is good for you and also helps effectively against stress and tension. Ultimately, hygge includes everything that makes you stronger and happier, so stress can also be relieved much easier.

It’s also very good for mental balance to take a regular news and internet detox. It’s simply not good to live with an excess of information and bad news from all over the world around the clock. Therefore, treat yourself to conscious time-outs, because this is also hyggelig, i.e. soothing, strengthening and brings you into balance. Surround yourself with warm colors and natural materials, because they simply do you good and provide lasting satisfaction in life.