Just drop unnecessary obligations!

Just drop unnecessary obligations!
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Who doesn’t know this feeling? Actually, you should do something that has been pending for a long time. The bad conscience plagues you. There are many obligations that stress you unnecessarily!

Planning is half the life

If you feel that everything is getting too much for you, you need a good plan. Write down the things you really want to get done. Then take a new piece of paper and write down the less important plans. Now consciously go through the important to-do list again. For each item, ask yourself, “Is this really an absolutely necessary commitment?” If you have any doubts, cross it off the list. It may move to the plan with the secondary tasks. By doing this, you will quickly realize how few things are absolutely necessary.

The making conscious

Now you can see things more clearly. A piece of paper with the most necessary obligations lies before you. Here already a certain load falls off. Many things have migrated to the secondary errands. You can also occupy yourself with this later. It is enormously important for our brain to create clarity. If you have something in front of you in black and white, you can keep track of it all. Then there is no overload. As soon as unnecessary obligations fall away from us, the stress level drops. Thinking becomes freer and more creative. Now you can check the important plans point by point. You can probably think of a few things that you can optimize in terms of time. The faster we get through our workload, the greater the feel-good factor. People generally tend to do things the easy way. As soon as too much complication comes into play, the brain blocks.

The emotions

Anyone who has ever cleaned out their home knows this pleasant feeling. Afterwards, you feel freer. It is exactly the same with unnecessary obligations that you let go of. Honesty is very important here. If you listen deep inside yourself, you will recognize the true feelings. They are a top advisor when making important decisions. And they also know how much unnecessary baggage you carry around with you. We do countless things just to make other people happy. All too often, we forget about ourselves. This causes unnecessary stress. You should really stay with yourself and trust your soul. As soon as a certain overload sets in, we have to pull the emergency brake. If you run at full speed for too long, you quickly run into burnout. To avoid this, you can rethink your commitments in good time. In any case, it’s worth it to clean out your clutter!