Laughing against stress

Laughing against Stress

Laughing and smiling as a stress management technique

Stress is commonly thought of as a vital process. It is associated with life as a defense mechanism. However, this positive consequence has limits. Continuous stress can have dramatic consequences for humans. Consequential damage in humans can result from it, such as: Decline in performance, decreasing defenses, psychological problems, cardiovascular problems, tendency to alcoholism, aggression, just to name a few.
If you find that you can no longer switch off properly, that you are impatient and hectic, then you should definitely think about paying more attention to your balance of stress and relaxation.

Stress relief with laughter as medicine

To relieve your personal tension, there is a very simple remedy that you can apply immediately, laughter. “The most lost of all days is the one in which you have not laughed“, said the French writer Chamfort.

What can laughter do:

It can boost self-confidence
Reduce work stress and worries
Dull pain
Relieve nervousness and inner tension.

Who doesn’t know the popular saying “laughter is healthy”? Or “laughter is the best medicine”.
Why this is so can even be explained scientifically and medically. Laughter increases oxygen saturation in the blood and thus in the brain. The nervous system is calmed and heart rate and blood pressure are lowered. In short, it is training for the heart, lungs, blood vessels and circulation, indeed, it triggers feelings of happiness.

Laughing for no reason – Laughter Yoga

The best thing is, you don’t even need a reason to laugh. Happiness research has found that even laughing for no reason triggers these positive effects. Have you ever thought about your worries while laughing? Because you can’t.
An Indian doctor and yoga teacher discovered and invented laughter yoga in 1995, which has since spread all over the world. Laughing together strengthens the sense of community, overcomes boundaries and releases inhibitions. It can lead to a shared feeling of happiness.

Perhaps you have also observed with envy how a group of young girls can laugh loudly and heartily for seemingly no reason. You can literally feel their joie de vivre. Have the courage to laugh along with them. You will experience how liberating and connecting this can be.

A smile

A smile can express a lot and have a lot of effect. With a smile you have an effective method to get in contact with other people. When you smile at someone, they usually smile back. Communication is easier. The same applies to smiling: smiling together connects in a pleasant way. You can give courage and energy in certain situations with an appropriate smile.
“We will never know how much good a simple smile can do,” Mother Theresa once said.

Finally, a little tip:
Whenever you feel unhappy and negative, try activating an inner smile. It will help you.