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Learn more about what you need

Stress relief made easy

Do you know this too? You come home from work or university and feel like you’ve been beaten to death? You can’t switch off because you’re still completely under power? Really relax, how long has it actually been? There are many simple methods to escape from everyday stress. With a little practice and trial and error, you will find the right technique for you to relieve stress.

Rest and close your eyes

If you don’t know yet which method is best for you to relieve stress, sit down on the floor or a chair in a quiet minute and close your eyes. Go inside yourself, think about what you would need to switch off. What would help you – a full bath with additive, essential oils, relaxation exercises, or something else entirely? Then, once you know which direction to go, try different things. Eventually, you’ll notice how you can reduce your stress.

A wide view

If you often work at a computer screen and want to relax, look far away several times a day. Open a window or go outside and consciously look at a point in the sky. Look at the whole sky and let your mind wander. This calms you down and also relaxes your eyes.

Laughter is healthy

If you are a happy person and like to laugh, then you may grin to relieve stress and do it several times a day. Grinning activates the nerve in our brain that puts us in a positive mood. Even if you don’t feel like grinning, an artificial grin reduces stress and you relax automatically. It is especially effective in the car when you are stuck in a traffic jam…..

Exercise helps

Even though it may sound paradoxical to your ears, when you’re stressed and you’re working out, you feel really relaxed afterwards. After a hard day, just do jumping jacks or as many sit ups as you can manage. Take a short rest and then do it again. When you’re totally out of breath, lie down on the floor or sofa and close your eyes. Feel your muscles relax and let your thoughts run free. After a short time you will notice how the stress becomes less and less.

External and internal cleansing

A full bath with a soothing bath additive is incredibly relaxing after a hard day. Bath additives with lavender, lemon balm or valerian relax you and you can free yourself from your stress in a natural way. Moreover, the precious additives relieve you from nervousness and muscle tension. Not to mention that after this full bath you don’t need to shower anymore.