Light candles or incense sticks

Light candles or incense sticks
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Some days it just goes haywire: You leave the house in the morning still totally relaxed and in a good mood, only to realize outside that the weather is actually pretty shitty and on the next street corner you get a second shower because the bus that just stopped at the bus stop a few meters away from you drove at full speed through the puddle next to you … If the day starts like this, you should have been prepared for the fact that your colleagues, the customers and the boss are also just on the nerves today. Nevertheless, you take it upon yourself several times not to let your mood be spoiled today, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. In the evening you are just glad to have survived everything, to be at home, to close the door behind you and to have your peace. But this longed-for peace fails to materialize when you finally settle down on the sofa, because you realize that your head just won’t stop obsessing over the day’s events.

Now you have to do something: find strategies to relax. Candles and incense can work wonders and are not expensive. They are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to relax. The best thing to do is to turn off your cell phone immediately, turn off the lights, spread a few candles around the room and light them. You’ll see how wonderfully calming such a lively flicker of a small flame can be. Maybe you will just sit and enjoy this beautiful atmosphere. Scents that are pleasant to you have an additional calming effect. Try scented candles or buy incense sticks.

Incense sticks smell very strong. For some people, this may be a little unusual. But this strong smell also has a strong effect: a very relaxing one. Incense sticks come in many different varieties. If one scent doesn’t appeal to you at all, feel free to try all sorts of others. You will surely find a scent that you like. If you choose some relaxing music, lie down, enjoy the candlelight and breathe in the wonderful scent in the air, you will find it much easier to let go of the day’s events and relax. Because tomorrow is a new day. Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine again…