Make sure you have a plan B

Make sure you have a plan B

Plan B: Your safety net

If you find yourself in the treadmill of everyday life, you think that everything could be different. The dreary everyday life could be arranged much better. We all know this idea and it is deeply human. Plan B describes how things could be better. Not stress and hectic, but creativity and fun at work make the day.

Certainly, it is difficult to change everything at once. Most of us are not among the adventurers who demolish everything behind us to set out into the world of new independence. Change starts in small ways. Those who are dissatisfied with their lives need to clarify where the shoe pinches in everyday life. The simplest method in this case is to give the day a rating. To consider what went well on a day and what can be done without. On every day there is something that bothers you. At the same time, there are the many beautiful little things that enrich the day. If you think about it, you will surely come up with many other ideas that can make your everyday life easier. But the best thing about this reflection is that you will quickly come up with ideas on how to make everyday life easier. This is how a Plan B comes into being.

Plan B is the way out of your hamster wheel. This does not mean that you have to question and change everything that occupies you every day. Rather, it gives you the security you need. In other words: You know what is important in everyday life and can set priorities accordingly. Plan B is like a safety net when walking a tightrope. If you stumble, you know you won’t fall to the ground and seriously injure yourself. You will be saved from bad things and you can use this fall and prevent the mistakes you made in the future.

As the name suggests, Plan B is always the alternative to the daily routine. You can activate it when everything goes over your head. The beauty of it is that this approach has a great effect especially on small activities. Take the bike instead of the car to get to work. Fresh air and exercise are good for your health and your brain gets more oxygen. That way, the day starts off much better right away. Changing routines not only enriches, but also enhances your cognitive abilities. That’s why you should always have a plan B: It takes pressure off you and makes your life diverse and exciting.