Making life easier by handing over tasks


You are a perfectionist and like to do everything yourself to make sure that it is really neat and well done. In the long run and for many things, however, this will not always work in this way without the help of others. Be it at work in a boss position, in teamwork or in the family.

Delegating tasks is important so that you don’t overburden yourself and take over. Handing off responsibility and tasks to a co-worker, your partner, or your children is not a sign of weakness. So don’t be shy about asking for help and support. This kind of division of labor is much more likely to be very sensible and pragmatic. As much as you would like to, there is not always enough time and capacity to do everything yourself. Especially at work, dividing the tasks leads to a more effective and successful way of working.

A division of labor also promotes family dynamics at home and in everyday life. Everyone has an area for which they are responsible. If your partner has more experience than you in one area, see that as an advantage and let him do those tasks.
Delegating doesn’t mean that you don’t want to do things yourself and therefore prefer to hand them over to others. Quite the opposite, because the more people contribute, the more the workload and productivity increases.

If you want to hand over a task and you are not sure if it will be done well, explain and show how you would like it to be done.
Especially with a new employee or your children, you can be sure that the result will meet your expectations. Besides, a different way of working and a different end result is not always worse. Maybe you’ll enjoy different perspectives and more diversity.

Of course, there is also the case that you would like to hand over work and tasks but no one wants to help. Then it’s up to you to take the lead and ask for help. A reward as motivation would definitely be worth considering in such a case.

There are a few aspects to consider for proper delegation. A timely distribution of tasks so that deadlines can be met. Who is qualified to take on the task, is the person up to the responsibility and do you have to control the person during the completion of the task. Pay attention to which tasks have priority for you, what you do best yourself and which things you can hand over with a clear conscience.