No longer waiting for tomorrow

No longer waiting for tomorrow

Tomorrow, tomorrow just not today… – Many people postpone important decisions until the next day.

Who does not know this? A mountain of work is waiting for us, an important decision has to be made, but we just don’t feel like starting work. Instead, we look for substitute actions with which we can then postpone the work or the decision again. Instead of simply starting to finally get rid of the mountain of work, we prefer to tidy up, clean or cook. These tasks are otherwise a minor matter for us and we don’t really enjoy them, but in such moments they are better than simply starting work. Or we just say to ourselves, what the heck, I’ll start tomorrow, one day is not important anymore.

But putting it off until the next day only makes your predicament worse, and you may end up with even more work. Or you keep telling yourself, oh, I’ll start tomorrow, and suddenly tomorrow has turned into several weeks.
Still you don’t manage to break this vicious circle, even though your mind tells you that you can’t put off the work or the important decision. What can you do about it?

It is difficult to break this vicious circle of postponement, because it can dominate your everyday life, if you have allowed it to happen again and again for a long time. If you really want to become happy again, it is worth doing things right away. You will realize how much time you will have to think about beautiful thoughts, instead of always thinking about the things that you actually still have to do.
It would be good for you to make a plan. This plan should not be too much especially in the beginning. Every day you should determine which steps you want to do and when exactly. You should hang up the plan in a clearly visible place so that you always have your daily milestones in front of you. You should also cross out completed things or decisions so that you can always see your successes. This will give you a good feeling. It would be good if you also reward yourself when your big goal is reached. Think about what can be a real reward for you. A day off? A delicious piece of cake? There are many possibilities.

To live in the here and now you have to keep working on yourself so that it can succeed. You will see that it creates a lot of free space for you and you will feel more balanced and satisfied.