Not always have all the answers

Not always have all the answers
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Are you also someone who has a suitable answer for everyone and always ready for all questions? Well, then you will unfortunately be wrong quite often. It’s not possible to always have the right answer to everything, and you often put yourself under pressure. So if you also think you always want to give everyone the right answer to everything, shift down a gear and you’ll feel better.

Not always having all the answers – tips against stress

Many people expect other people to have an answer for everything. This can be quite stressful in the long run for those who are supposed to have the answer. Are you also someone who always has an answer ready for everyone when it comes to friends and family or actually all the time? Then you should stop as soon as possible, because your stress level can rise quite high. It’s not necessary to always have an answer, because even if you don’t know, it’s not the end of the world. Of course, the people around you will look at you with big eyes if you don’t have all the answers, but you will do yourself a big favor and you will definitely be less stressed.

Answers to all questions do not exist

Once you have freed yourself from having an answer to everything, you will feel better in the long run. The answer to everything is: There are no answers to all questions. So you should not try to think of the right answer yourself, because this can stress your body enormously. So when a question is thrown into the round, you don’t have to answer immediately, but sit back, relax and wait. In the beginning, it will be difficult for you not to always be able to answer immediately. But as time goes by, you will see how good it is for you and you will distance yourself from it more and more. The tension in your whole body will subside and after a few weeks you will notice how relaxed you are. Stress only arises because you create it for yourself.