Oat porridge

Oat porridge

Good and healthy food helps against stress and other symptoms. It is relatively easy to eat fresh and regional ingredients. Certain foods are adapted to the body, the soul can relax. These foods are not the same for everyone, it is necessary to take into account preferences and intolerances.

Good mood

Legumes, along with plenty of fresh air, counteract stress and put you in a good mood. Walking is a wonderful remedy for everything. The air caresses the skin, the sun provides vitamin D and the exercise strengthens the muscles. Going for a little walk every day, in all weathers, helps the immune system and thus the whole body.
Good mood starts with breakfast. Oatmeal is perfect companion, it is healthy and contains important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Of all cereals, oats have the highest vitamin B1 and B6 content and provide plenty of plant iron.

Vitamin B strengthens the nervous system

So when you’re under stress, it really makes sense to include oatmeal in your daily diet. In the morning in muesli or who likes as porridge. There are wonderful tasty recipes for this.

The basic oatmeal recipe

A delicious oatmeal porridge is prepared quickly: In about five minutes, the porridge is ready. For a creamy consistency, tender flakes are suitable; if you like it a little coarser, buy the pithy ones.

For one person, the basic recipe is to heat 50gr of oat flakes with 250ml of liquid in a small pot. The liquid can be milk, water or vegetable alternative. Vanilla, honey, syrup or coconut blossom sugar can be added to taste.

Bring the mixture to a boil once and let it turn into a porridge for a few minutes on low heat, stirring constantly. The longer this process continues, the mushier the oat mixture becomes.

Dress with fruit for a fresh treat. Spice up with nuts. Sweeten with maple syrup!

100gr oatmeal has 370 calories.