Power breakfast for a stress free day

Power breakfast for a stress free day
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Food and stress are usually negatively linked – with the evening food binge on the sofa, or similar. However, eating right can help us prevent stress before it happens. This includes, above all, eliminating unhealthy fats, excess sugar and dishes that contain it from the menu. Instead of Nutella rolls for breakfast and hamburgers for dinner, it may be thus also gladly times a tasty Smoothie – which one can take even as snack to the work or school, and does thereby at the same time the body something good, often in more than one regard. Plus, most smoothies don’t stuff you, so you’ll feel full but not overstuffed throughout the day. The only thing that matters is the ratio of ingredients – just think of the recipe like one of those food pyramids. The base, e.g. yogurt, forms the foundation, fiber, e.g. oatmeal or vegetables the second, narrower tier, and anything that contains excessive fructose or the like, or is used to sweeten, forms the top.
Your new favorite breakfast might look like this, for example:

Skim milk yogurt or vanilla yogurt (you can also mix) – about 200 ml.

Oatmeal (variety to taste – are good for stomach/intestinal health) – approx. 2 handfuls
Bananas (contain magnesium, good for heart protection against stress) – 2 pieces

For taste:
Peaches (less sugar than nectarines, contain vitamin E for fat metabolism) – 1 pc.
Strawberries (fresh or frozen) – 1 handful

For sweetening:
Coconut flakes (for that tropical feeling) – to taste, about 1 tbsp.
Honey (more popular with athletes than sugar, and relaxing) – 1 teaspoon

Puree the ingredients in order, either with a blender or smoothie maker. It’s best to add the ingredients one at a time and then puree each one once – that way, you won’t have any large chunks that could interfere with drinking afterwards. If you want the whole thing to be a little more liquid, add milk. Enjoy your meal!