Practice being grateful for a more beautiful life!


Gratitude is one of the keys to happiness. You have so much, but are you really taking it all in? Stop and consider what you can be grateful for. Are you thinking about your money or possessions? These are all materialistic things that you probably don’t need to be happy. Leave that out and put your focus on the things you take for granted and say out loud, “Thank you!”

Grateful? For what?

The little things you overlook aren’t as small as they may seem. Family and friends who stand behind you and support you through your problems are a great asset. You probably have them from birth and don’t know any different. As a result, you easily overlook the value of people who care about you. “Thank you!”

Are you healthy? Do you know the feeling when after a heavy cold your nose is free again and you can breathe through? For a few hours you are happy about it. You can have this feeling about your health every day. You just have to actively pay attention to it. “Thank you!”

Be grateful for positive things that happened to you during the day. Someone you don’t know helped you today. An old acquaintance happened to run into you while you were walking around town. You caught the bus even though you were running late. “Thank you!”

Grateful? How?

“Gratitude is the feeling when the heart remembers”. Quote from Life Coach Laura Seiler. Gratitude outshines self-pity, envy, fear and frustration – and thus the roots of negative stress

If you’re unsure how to remind yourself to bring more gratitude into your daily life, here are a few tips to help.

One valuable way to remind yourself how good life is to you is to keep a journal. Just a few sentences about your day are enough. What are you grateful for? Is it a person, an event or your general state of mind?

If this is too much work for you, just write a small list with single words about the things you are grateful for.

You can influence your basic attitude by making yourself aware in the morning of what you are looking forward to on this day. What you are already grateful for, because you get the chance to experience it.

Life is always as beautiful as you let it be. So let your life become more beautiful through gratitude.