Practice moderation

Practice moderation

Moderation can avoid stress

Addiction can often be seen as a trigger for frustration and stress. It’s best to try not to become addicted to anything from the beginning. Even if you find living in excess enjoyable at first, it won’t always be that way. Everything in moderation, even things that are good for you and others, can be adapted to personal needs.

You may also notice how the constant excesses of an unhealthy lifestyle express themselves physically or mentally. It costs a lot of energy to change your own style and it will be difficult for you to set a cut point somewhere to limit something that you have been used to for years from one day to the next. But exactly here lies hidden the origin on which an addiction-free healthy and value radiating existence can be built.

For an overindulgence in daily rituals such as eating, drinking, taking soothing medication or sleeping can quickly end in too much of all good things. A life lived in unbridled ways does not allow for a harmonious radiance of oneself or wisdom in life.

In order to attain these achievements of one’s being, a gradual adjustment to all the norms of the original cultural trait of man helps. Maturation processes can be established only with discipline and self-responsibility for moderation of many excessive desires.

With the use of meditations or a reward principle that relates to behavioral therapy, the beginning of a breakthrough to something new can be established. Targeted guidance can be people who also want to renew their behavior. Conversations with fellow sufferers have a stimulating and supportive effect. The certainty that other people affected are just as tired of their immoderateness as you are allows hope to grow.

Moderation means in principle not only renunciation, but promotes the reflection on one’s own desires which can be used finally to constructively usable motivation. Ultimately, it is the human psyche that can no longer regenerate properly under excessive stress. In order not to conjure up a burn-out, a rethinking is worthwhile.

Prudence can only be learned if you try to practice rest and renunciation in regular periods. This can include periods of fasting, which purify and detoxify the body. This process of renunciation also causes an improvement of the mental state and can have a liberating effect.