Reading a book against stress

Reading a book against stress
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Surely you can still remember what it was like as a child to read an exciting book: You could completely immerse yourself in another world and were completely at one with the lines you were reading. While you almost never had stress or anything like that as a child, it was insanely relaxing. Unfortunately, many adults have probably forgotten this relaxing effect of reading.

Even as adults, we could use reading a book again as the perfect balance to our stressful and hectic lives. And it can be so easy: Maybe you just pick up your old favorite book or just another exciting book and start reading. And you will certainly notice that you get the feeling that you had as a child when reading a book.
As adults, we are unfortunately busy with too many other things and stressful topics to really take the time to read something in peace, be it a gripping novel, an exciting thriller or even an informative non-fiction book.

Perhaps we should spend more time reading again and engage with the stress-reducing and informative effect of a good book. Scientific findings from brain research suggest that reading significantly supports stress reduction and can thus meaningfully prevent illness.

So what’s wrong with returning to the love of reading from your own childhood days as an adult? It is certainly worthwhile for you to look for a new favorite author, find a series of novels and relax with them. In addition to your hard and stressful everyday life, you should use all reasonable possibilities to reduce the health-damaging stress as much as possible. And here, reading is certainly one of the most sustainable and enjoyable activities that you can imagine in the evening: after the hard work with a good book comfortably on the couch or in the hammock in the garden, what could be better? New media such as eBooks and the like create access to an immense number of attractive, readable and exciting books, some of which are even available completely free of charge: So it certainly doesn’t have to be the cost of reading or the price of the books.

So what else is there to wait for: Finally pick up your favorite book that has been gathering dust on the shelf for many years and start reading. You will quickly notice that it is really worth it. You will notice how an inner peace spreads through you, and maybe you won’t want to put the book down.