Realize that not everyone will like you

Realize that not everyone will like you
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It is in the nature of things that we do not get along well with everyone and that not everyone will like us, let alone always be positively disposed towards us. Realizing this important fact can save you an extreme amount of stress, major aggravation, and bad stomach aches.
After all, it can be incredibly stressful to want to please everyone and be liked by everyone. You will probably never fully achieve this state of being liked by everyone, and it is not worth trying to achieve it. Rather, it’s perfectly fine to accept that there will always be people who just don’t like you (which is usually mutual…).
So don’t worry or get really stressed at all if someone doesn’t like you. You will always experience unpleasant situations of this kind, because they cannot be avoided. But you can learn to deal with them professionally. The important thing is that you like yourself and that you are happy with yourself. In such situations, you can always say to yourself: “It’s okay the way I am! It is absolutely not worth the stress to get angry about my counterpart!”. Maybe it will be difficult for you at first, but you will develop more and more routine in it. And let me tell you: People with this relaxed attitude of not having to please everyone are usually very charismatic and therefore often seem much more attractive.
If you consistently think this way and follow this guiding principle in your everyday life, you will be more satisfied and relaxed even when dealing with people who don’t like you. In addition, you will notice that your self-confidence and your positive self-esteem will increase significantly, while your stress level will continue to decrease.
So don’t get angry too much and too often about others, but rather be happy about what a great person you are and visualize that not everyone has to like you. Because you really don’t need the stress of always wanting to please others and to be popular everywhere all the time. To want to please others is therefore a waste of time, and this time of life is precious. Use this time sustainably to develop yourself personally or to educate yourself further. Your ego and your stress level will thank you.