Recipe for a delight cake

Recipe for a delight cake

It’s simple, tastes delicious and helps when stress becomes unbearable.

Good luck, enjoy it and enjoy life!

These are the ingredients for the indulgence cake:

250g butter
250g powdered sugar
4 egg yolks
120g melted chocolate
120g flour
4 egg whites
100g coarsely chopped nuts

First, cream the butter, egg yolks and powdered sugar, then you can stir in the chocolate, which is already melted.
Then the egg whites are beaten to snow and folded in alternately with the flour.
Now the dough can be spread on a baking sheet, greased and dusted with flour, in succession you can sprinkle it with nuts and bake at medium heat.

The indulgence cake indulges the highest pleasure and palate. With the chocolate, the nuts and the simple way of preparation, this cake can be enjoyed as a treat in the true sense of the word. Adieu stress and bienvenue joie de vivre!