Recognize that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence

Recognize that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence
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Learn to love what you have

You always want to get higher and further, but realize that the opposite is true? Then you are not alone. We humans have learned not to be satisfied with what we have. We reach for everything that is not part of our lives. We often systematically reject it instead of embracing it. As a result, we enter into an unpleasant spiral of stress. We drive and drive and drive, yet we forget to refuel.
The problem with this is that there is never an end to it. Our minds are programmed to aim higher and higher, and we must learn to be mindful of this and use this instinct for us, rather than against us.

Recognize that the grass is not always greener

Often we have a certain idea about things. However, when we get there, we realize that the grass is yellowed and dry on the other side. We form an illusion in our minds that has nothing to do with reality. The worst part is that we reject our beautiful now for something that doesn’t exist at all. We imagine how something could be. We are blind to the beauty in our lives. We are in love with an idea that is not real. We fall even deeper when reality hits us at some point and we wish to be back at the beginning.

Learn to accept your now

The easiest way out of the dilemma is to accept your situation as it is right now. Acceptance does not mean that we have to hold on to the situation and keep it. Accepting means that we gratefully embrace our life. We take the wind out of our sails in that way. If we were to fall into a lake and flail our arms and legs in panic, we would probably sink powerless. However, if we breathe calmly and look where the shore is, we will surely come ashore. Thus, we leave the unpleasant situation. See what you have already achieved and ask yourself at what price you want to go further. Learn to gratefully accept what you have, because there are certainly people who dream of what you have achieved.

Recognize your own power, don’t reject what you have accomplished so far, but love it. Don’t forget how great you are. Put your focus on the things you love to do and you will see how little by little your problems disappear into thin air. Because, when we do what we love instead of what we think we have to do, we come into an ease that is in our true nature and dissolve our stress. What are you waiting for?