Remove negative people from your life

Remove negative people from your life
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There are situations where you don’t want even more stress than is already inevitable. At this point, it is important to mentally sift through the negative energies and people in your life and find solutions. Energies transfer from person to person, stress is also transferred when we are in the same vibration. So it is necessary to keep away from the negative persons.

This keeping away should ideally be done without aggression and quarrels. However, it helps one’s own psyche and body. It has been scientifically proven that cells that are exposed to stress move away from that stress trigger. In opposition, cells in cell cultures direct themselves toward beneficial substances. Thus, it is proven that even cells are exposed to negative influence and respond to it unambiguously. Why should it be different in humans as complex individuals with millions of cells?

Stress is a factor in life that can even have positive effects for a short time. However, the stress should then subside and the body should be able to recover. If this is not the case, chronic stress occurs, which is an optimal trigger for diseases. During stress, the immune system is put on low flame by the body. This has to do with our past: We had to run away or struggle to survive when stressed and develop strategies to deal with this situation. This archaic behavior has not changed. But in order to focus everything on running away, forces have to be concentrated. The immune system is reduced to minimal energy consumption. During this time, you are more susceptible to illness.

Now it is necessary to eliminate these stress factors and thus keep the possible negative people away from you. It is often not possible to cut off contact completely, but contact can be reduced to a minimum. Becoming aware of this is the first step. Observation is the second step. For this, records help. If it turns out that the other person is an energy guzzler or that depressing feelings frequently arise after a meeting/phone call, this is an indication of a negative person. After that, it is necessary to consider how to communicate the fact of distance to the person in question or whether you might not say anything at all, but just withdraw.

The separation may become a real challenge, because the person may not be removed that easily. You should persist in your desire and goal for a better quality of life. This is the only way that change can actually occur in your life.