Risotto with Parmesan cheese

Risotto with Parmesan cheese

I would like to present you here my very personal recipe against stress to cook. As everyone knows, stress affects the stomach and intestines and that’s exactly why we use foods that are really good for your stomach and intestines!

What do you need? – Recipe for 2-3 people

A leaf salad and 250 g risotto rice, a vegetable soup cube (gluten and lactose free), onion, leek and carrots. Olive oil. Parmesan cheese.

First, dice a carrot, a little leek and a small piece of onion and sauté them briefly in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, then add the bouillon cube. When there is almost no liquid left, let the rice stew briefly with the previously obtained mixture and then add a ladle of water little by little, depending on the desired quantity.

In the meantime, wash the lettuce well. By the way, you can use as much as you like, it all depends on your individual taste. The lettuce is good for the intestines and soothes the stomach.

When the risotto rice is almost “al dente” (Again, it depends on your personal taste. Some people want the rice crunchy, other people prefer it softer.), add the leaf lettuce you cut earlier and cook with the rice for a minute or two.

Serve with parmesan cheese! Done!

This is a simple recipe that can be realized quickly and certainly brings positive aspects for your stomach and intestines.

In my case, when I am stressed, I always struggle with intestinal colic. Now I have learned to cook myself this risotto and the pain disappears in no time. A new way to regain joy in life, because when you have stress and then your stomach and intestines also do not want to play along, your lifestyle is greatly affected and it becomes difficult to cope with everyday life!

Bon appetite!